Coupons 101

You can view and print coupons right from the bottom of this page, and the bottom of the home page!!
New coupons are added on a daily basis, so make sure you visit often and print as many as you like!
You can also print from my facebook page!!! There are 3 coupon tabs, including Saving Star coupons, which is also a very good place to sign up with for even more additional savings!!
These are a very important and crucial part of couponing!
I usually have the most recent policy, for each store that I shop at, in my coupon binder.
That way, if there does end up being an issue at the register, you will be able to show them their policy, and ask for the manager.
These are the most current as of January 2012
Giant Eagle
Family Dollar Stores
Walmart Coupon Policy
Walmart Price Match Policy
Rite Aid
Dollar General

Another goal to make, is to sit down and write a list of all of the major companies you and your family prefer. Chances are, they have a website or phone number for you to contact and get added to the mailing list! Some of the higher value and better coupons I receive, come in my mailbox each week.
I will list my favorites here each week, when I spotlight each company and all you need to do, is find the companies you like, click on their name, and you can sign up for their newsletters, and mailing lists!
Kelloggs is a real good site to sign up with! They will send valuable coupons right to your inbox, and you will probably start receiving some in the mail, and quite possibly some samples!
They have a nice page where you can keep track of all of the rebates, and mail in promos, and even track where those are!
Click here to sign up with Kelloggs!