Wednesday, December 19, 2012

This is one of Deegan and Genevive's favorite videos and songs. This gets replayed so many times on my laptop, but they act like it's the first they have seen it, again, and again! Check out Little Rockstar on Youtube! This has been our favorite channel for kids so far!

Monday, December 10, 2012

You have to check out these adorable videos for your little ones;) These are so much fun to share during the holiday season, and Little Rockstar has lots of different fairy tales and beautiful music, sweet character voices, the animations will certainly keep your little guys hypnotized long enough for you to take a break! You can find Little Rockstar on Youtube!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Easy and Quick No nonsense Outfits for Busy Moms

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of No nonsense for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I am always super busy and I am almost always weaing pajama pants and t shirts everyday. Unless it's a weekend when I go to work, or we have a dr appointment. I am constantly struggling, just to get into the bathroom, much less trying to get real clothing on!!

When I do wear real clothes, it is usually as simple as I can make it, I love leggings and skirts and long sleeve shirts or short sleeves, and I usually choose bright colors, and black and gray. I like easy and simple and I also really like when it is excellent quality for a very reasonable price.

This is why I was very anxious to get an opportunity from No nonsense, to try out their leggings and tights and post my review. No nonsense tights and leggings

There are a lot of positive points to make about No nonsense, my favorite being the price! My next favorite is the fact that these are usually found at food and drug stores, as well as mass retailers. I am a big fan of solid colors, and comfortable leggings and tights, and these fit the bill all around!

No nonsense recently partnered up with Jill Martin. Jill is a fashion stylist and TV personality, and the co-author of, The New york Times, bestselling guide, "I Have Nothing to Wear" You may have also seen her on Access Hollywood as the New York Correspondent.

You can find Jill and No nonsense on Twitter and Facebook, where she will be offering suggestions and advice and fashion tips, using the colorful tights and super comfy leggings that will definitely complete and accent many outfits!

Follow No nonsense on Twitter, username, @BeNoNonsense and "like" them on Facebook, to enter contests and get fashion advice that will fit any busy moms budget and style.

I have been a fan on No nonsense on Twitter and on Facebook, and I love all of the updates and helpful hints thay post regularly.

No nonsense on Facebook

I received a pair of brown tights and a pair of brown leggings the leggings are my absolute favorite!! I have RSD in both legs and comfy leggings are very important for me. (Another reason you will find me running errands in pajama pants!)

I love ruffled skirts and black went the best with my No nonsense tights!

I love these leggings!! They are so soft and look like they cost a lot more then they really do. I washed both the tights and leggings a few times since I have had them and they have held their color and shape quite well!


I am going shopping for my clothes for the winter in a couple weeks and I will be grabbing many more tights and leggings from No nonsense, to go with my tops, skirts, sweaters and even sweatshirts!

Have you tried any of the No nonsense tights and leggings yet? What colors would you choose?

Fall and winter are a super good reason to go stock up for a new wardrobe, and I'm sure you will find that most of your favorite tops and skirts you already have, will fit in perfectly with your new tights and leggings! Simply adding a few new pieces can create many more options and outfits!

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

boliverisms.: I was really hungry for deep fried Oreos....

boliverisms.: I was really hungry for deep fried Oreos....: Too bad we can't use our stove, and I don't have a deep fryer... Or maybe it's not so bad? I decided I was going to have my dessert. So ...

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Free Sample of Purina® Cat Chow Healthy Weight

Free sample of Purina® Cat Chow Healthy Weight

Free sample of SafeHands®

Free sample of SafeHands®

Free Sample of Bear Naked® Cereal

Free sample of Bear Naked® Cereal

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Free suncare kit from Listen To Your Skin®

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Free Appetizer or Dessert at Chili's!!

A penguin foams past the biology.
Chili's Grill & Bar

This is a very sweet deal;) All you have to is click on the picture, and "like" their page, and it'll take you right where you have to be to print out this awesome coupon!!

Earn Amazon Gift Cards and MORE with Swagbucks!


I use this program for my Amazon addiction;)
This site also offers a bunch of very easy ways to earn, and the rewards and gift cards are very easy to get, sometimes you can earn several Amazon gift cards per month! This of course depends on how active you are:P

Earn Money With Inbox Dollars!!

Inbox Dollars

This is another big favorite of mine!!
Inbox dollars pays very well, and they offer all kinds of ways to earn with them!
Click above and sign up to receive a $5 cash bonus!
I have been with this program for maybe 4 years, maybe a little more, lol, and I am not as active as I should be, (I don't have a lot of time for any of these sites anymore) i am hoping once Deegan is done with the "Terrible 2's" lol, I can be more active again!! But even with the small amount I do, I end up with at least $75 per quarter. When I was more active, this was a monthly check for me;)

My #1 Favorite Site to Earn Gift Cards!!


If you aren't a member, you really should sign up asap!!
You can earn points for opening emails, shopping, answering questions, playing games, sign ups, and the best part, printing and redeeming coupons!!
I have been with this site for about 6 years, and have earned enough each year to completely cover Christmas and birthdays and other holiday gifts!
The more active you are, as with any of these sites, the better.
They even give you points if you do not qualify for a survey!!

Only $12 for a Beauty Box!

Beauty Box 5

I just started with this Beauty Box deal, and received my first box last week! I am more then happy with the contents and am excited for next months box!!
They charge $12 per month, and this includes shipping!! Or, you can pay ahead and save $$, depending on how many months you want to pay for;)
I received a full size lip gloss, and 6 trial size products and a few coupon codes!!
Oh, and if you share this offer with your friends, you might be able to score a free month!!
** You will be charged automatically each month on your credit or debit card!! UNLESS you cancel, which by the way, you can do at any time!!**

Post It Samples!

Click above and "like" their Facebook page, submit your idea and grab a sample:P

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Brand New Blog Makeover Service!!

Blogelina\'s Blog Makeover Service
This is a very awesome deal!!
This includes everything and then some, and today is the official announcement and super awesome deal...
Today this cost only $79!!!
This is super sweet:P I actually ordered one from Blogelina, and will be getting this specific blog transferred to Wordpress as well.... I can't wait, because, Blogger is driving me crazy LOL!!
Click the ad and let her know Busymommylist sent you, and check out what she has to offer. She is an amazing person and blogger, and is always more then helpful and friendly and reliable:P

Monday, August 27, 2012

Refinancing Our Home

We bought our first home almost 7 years ago. I wish we would have had an attorney, or somebody who knew what in the world was going on with our mortgage, the house, the appraisal (that ended up being not a real appraisal), and an incompetent real estate agent. But, we fell in love with the place, and just had to have it. Plus, we were trying our best to get a little further from the city and to get our children in a smaller town with a smaller school. So, we kind of just signed everything without really reading all of the pages. Actually, I started to read everything, cause I'm notorious for having to know everything that's going on, but it was taking hours, and everybody was trying to hurry this along.
Right before we left to close the deal, the mortgage company called and said they were calling it all off. Our new home has a coal furnace, a fairly newer model coal furnace, but apparently, some parts of the country have no idea what a coal furnace is, and when they think of a coal furnace, they are picturing a coal stove. Which is not what we have inside our home. There is one in our garage, which is where we believe they got confused, but even after calling our real estate agent, who I assumed would help in this dilemma, the mortgage company had called it quits.
I was hysterical, I couldn't let anything happen to our dream home, no matter how many repairs it may need, the price was better then perfect, and the location was our top choice. Of course when something terrible happens, I always end up resorting to doing whatever it takes in order to make something happen. So, I found a mortgage company who swore they could help us still get into our dream home, that week.
Well, our first mortgage was a super low fixed rate, and we were very pleased with the terms and conditions. Our second choice, (since we were intent on closing right now), was a bit crazy.
I have always been a bartender, and my husband and I have our own business. So, it has always been a slight issue trying to get good, decent financing with the way our income and taxes are recorded. It usually at least takes a bit longer, and they often demand more tax returns, bank statements, and things like that from us. So, I was trying to hurry to get everything together, and sure enough they said ok, sure, but it'll be a variable rate, and we don't often lend to couples with self employment income, nor do we lend to couples purchasing homes with coal furnaces. (They still didn't understand this was a self fed coal furnace, and the company is in Pittsburg, PA, which really irked me since, I know they know about coal!!)
Well, I figured, before the interest rate gets out of hand, we can check out other banks and get approved for a good deal, like the original mortgage offer we had. So, we signed it all, and closed the deal, and drove home super anxious to start packing!
We did have a very rough time getting refinanced, due to self employment income, and of course, the whole banking and mortgage industry that ended up so corrupt and taking such a big hit. But, we made it. Part of the issue was that the "appraiser" wasn't really an appraiser at all, but a friend of the mother daughter real estate team that sold us the house. We have yet to find anybody to properly appraise our home, since it is set up a little odd, and not like a typical home is set up.
I wish I had checked into the whole deal more then what I did, we were just way to happy just to have found this house, and never bothered to check into the tiny details, or question the agents, and sellers.
I would also recommend definitely, before you re finance, please check up on refinance guidelines, and know what you are doing before you sign! Not all stories end up with a happy ending:)

Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Roof Started Falling off of our Cute Little Mailbox House

When we bought our house about 7 years ago, one of the things that I loved the most was this adorable little mailbox across the street that looked just like our house. I never even had a mailbox before, since we always lived in the city, we always just had a mail slot, and nothing very charming!
Well, of course we are always repairing our house, and we are in need of a new roof, ugh! The funniest thing was, was that our little look alike mailbox started losing shingles from it's roof! It is in need of being replaced soon, I just love it to much and can't bear to part with it. The mail lady keeps putting the one shingle back up on the roof, lol, and it just comes back off...
We really don't live near many stores, or big cities, so most of our shopping is done online. Well, with the exception of most groceries and of course, coupon stuff. But, I saw an ad for this site that sells custom made mailboxes and address plaques (another thing we could use!)
We don't even have an address sign on the front or the back door, we just kind of tell people where our house sits, and then go through the whole deal with what colors, what is nearby, etc etc. I would love to have one for at least the front door.
We use the back door for our main door, (our house is set up very weird! ) It was an old inn, and even though we love it, mainly for it's quirkiness, it is a bit odd! It was an old inn and barroom, which was changed into a house with an apartment, and there are still some inn rooms upstairs, some even still have numbers on the doors! So, I found these super cute house signs and now I want one for the back part of the house!
As long as we get this roof fixed, I think I will be shopping quite a bit here, just to make my oddball, charming house, just a little bit more pleasant for the trucks that drive by. They can say, "Oh look! The need siding real bad, but check out that cute little house sign!" :)

Neverending Home Improvements

Everytime we get something fixed or finished at our house, or the yard, or our pool, or our little gardens, it is just an endless amount of time, work and money. I am sure most of you know exactly what I mean, as soon as something falls apart, and you see the light at the end of the tunnel, well, then something else goes next! But, it does keep each day fun, with new lessons learned and it certainly isn't boring!
I was impressed with this site that has a drip irrigation system,(among other reasonably priced supplies!) that I recently came across, and I am quite pleased with the price ranges with their products! Especially all of the lawn sprinklers. This is something I wish I would have had throughout the summer, since we didn't seem to get very much rain, and our lawn really paid the price for this. When we did get rain, it was way to much at once, and that actually destroyed a lot of plants! (we always plant lots of cherry tomatoes though, thank goodness!) I will making this investment for next spring and summer, just in case! I mean, of course we water the plants, but some of the days when it was terribly humid and hot out and we had day trips for far away doctor visits, shopping, and nobody was here to keep watering the plants, the lawn sprinkler would have come in very handy!
They also have quite a large assortment of irrigation supplies, garden tools, landscape lights and much more! If you have a decent size yard, or love gardening, I suggest you check out what they have to offer!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Formula Coupons 4 Mom

I found this adorable site, completely dedicated to only baby and baby formula coupons;) She also has a Facebook page, and I am hoping to see more from this busy mom!!
She posts all of the best coupons and deals she can find, and complies them all on one site just for other busy mommy's to grab. If you are a new mommy, new grandma, or expecting, I highly recommend following this blog!
It is super easy to navigate, and has an adorable banner and a contact page where you can contact her with any questions or formula reviews of your own!
There are also some very informative articles and tips, whether you breastfeed or use formula, who better to get advice and tips from then a fellow mom? There are also many deals posted on where to buy in bulk and how to save up to 45% off different brands of baby formula.
The coupons are updated by the month, and not just for formula either, she also has some for baby food, Gerber snacks and Gerber pouches. She does do an excellent job finding the best and most high value formual coupons out there, and all are linked for you to print when you have a chance!
I am hoping we can help get this site and Facebook page some more fans, and followers, and I would love to see her post more. She certainly has a knack for this and some expertise to share with other moms. I also notice she has had formula giveaways, so this is definitely something to check out as soon as you visit her page or her site!
There is a lot of potential there, and I am anxious to see more, especially so we can link up to her in the very near future;)

Love Your New Face with Nerium

These pictures are quite amazing to me, I am always looking for something, anything, lol! Not that I have major issues, yet! But, I would like to be prepared and have hopes for my near future. Especially since I am a grandma now..
I am seriously contemplating spending the money for something like this and I am wondering if any of my readers ever tried this product. I would love to read some comments, and pictures if you have it.
If you are looking to start your own business, Nerium has an amazing opportunity for distributors, you can check out what they have to offer here!
There are a few different investment options, and each kit, whichever you choose, has everything you would need to start your own business. Like everything, your success is based on how much you want to earn, how much time you have to spend selling the product, and how you go about it.
The fact that you get a free website to sell your product through, is a very cool plus, and not something I typically see with home based businesses. Another big plus, are these pictures, and the information this company provides for you to learn, and educate others and become successful.
In order to qualify to receive product at wholesale cost, you must at least purchase the brand partner launch kit, which is priced at $99.95. There are other options, that also include a few bottles of Nerium, (5 or 12) and the prices for those kits start at $499.99.

Here are some facts that may help you make a decision:
Anti-aging products are a $80 billion-dollar industry in the US, and it is projected to grow to $114 billion within the next three years.
The beauty category contains nine of the top ten billion-dollar direct sales companies.
More than 50% of the sales volume in the direct sales industry comes from the beauty category, which is larger than all other categories combined.
Nerium International is in the highest-selling category within beauty, which is dermal.
Within dermal, Nerium International is in the fastest-growing segment of that, which is anti-aging products.
Skincare products are the “stickiest” products in the marketplace.
Customer loyalty to skincare products, especially anti-aging, is very strong, leading to a very high retention rate in customers.

Here is some product information that will more then likely either make you want to purchase a bottle to use, (like me lol), or become a brand partner!
NeriumAD is a stand-alone breakthrough product in the dominant category in the industry.
The unprecedented results and clinical testing of NeriumAD provide a huge differential to other skincare products.
Our relationship with Nerium Skincare, a division of Nerium Biotechnology, protects our brand with patents, sourcing, and lengthy biotechnology research. This ensures that our products will not be duplicated.
Nerium International has the exclusive global rights to Nerium Skincare’s product line for both present and future products.
The combination of a breakthrough product in the dominant category in this industry along with the high customer retention from real results, provides you a strong foundation for a real business opportunity.
Again, we love comments and I would love for any feedback on what you think, have you tried this product? What anti aging products do you use? Are you happy with the results? Believe me, I am going to have to start somewhere, I do use specific products now, but not really any anti aging, or wrinkle creams, well, I do use some eye cream that is supposed to help with fine lines. I really never can tell though if it works!
*** I almost forgot!! You can actually earn a free bottle for yourself!! If you refer 3 friends, in one month, your bottle is free!! The other cool thing I almost forgot, they have a money back guarantee, whether your bottle is empty of full:)***

Monday, August 20, 2012

$5.00 off Glade Expressions Oil Diffuser kit

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Friday, August 17, 2012

Crowdtap High Payout and Sampling Opportunities!! Woolite for Darks!

I absolutely love, love love this site!!
They have "quick hits" and plenty of missions, and sampling opportunities, (Kind of like House Party), but you can certainly rack up points here and redeem for lots of gift cards!!!
I have received 1 sampling from them, Woolite, (which I have right now)
Woolite for dark jeans, is pretty amazing detergent. I have to admit, I am no fan of keeping my jeans dark, nor do I try and buy dark jeans, but I found that this Woolite for dark jeans, is also for dark clothes!! I love the stuff! It really works quite well, from what I have used from a couple samples and then a bottle I splurged on;)
Woolite has a pretty cool Facebook page, and has been known to have some samples and coupons up for grabs, so you should check out their page here!!

Creations Rewards A High Payout Site!!

Join me at CreationsRewards.Net!
This is one of the highest paying sites I have found. I have been a member here for about 4 years and always have received my payments!
Low payout rate and tons of ways to earn!!
Also, check in daily for several ways to earn!! They have trivia, surveys, shopping, games, emails, tasks, and they even give points for listening to an online radio station!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

How Much Does it Cost to Redo a Bathroom?!

We have 2 bathrooms in our house, both rather small, and both have bathtubs, except for, I would be much happier with a bathroom that we dreamed of with a much bigger bathtub. Probably one of those giant bathtubs would be awesome, but I am sure I may never find one in our price range!!
I don't mind settling for something smaller, but I would like to have a giant sink maybe, or 2, with mirrors and lots and lots of cabinet space, closet space and room! Especially with all of the coupon deals on toiletries, lol, we need quite a large closet to hold enough toiletries for 5 people!
We recently redid our faucets in the upstairs bathroom, and went shopping to grab a few other accessories as well. I don't think about it very often, but when I do sit here and remember all of the times we replaced bathroom fittings, faucets,all those accessories and I believe I am just going to finally have to break down and buy something reliable.
I believe we learned this lesson many many times now, with so many different things, whether it's my husband's tractor trailer, or the pick up truck, or something in the house. It always does pay to get quality the first time around, then you won't be replacing the same things, over and over and over again:)

Monday, August 13, 2012

Astrobrights Design Challenge

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Astrobrights Papers by Neenah Paper for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I love bright colors, and of course, paper. With all of my to do lists, spread sheets, chore charts, grocery lists, lists of what lists to make, I usually use some cool bright pink, orange, green, blue, and yellow paper. But I only ever really find them in those little tablets and I have to use a few for each type of list.

I do like the super bright Astrobrights colors and the fact that they come in 23 colors is a bit amazing! These would come in handy for plenty of back to school projects, chore charts, homework charts, spread sheets for moms, and bloggers, PTA flyers, the possibilities are endless for school and business. Scrapbooking and all kinds of crafts, you know, all of those fun things we do with our little ones;)

These are also a neat gift fo school teachers, and Sunday school teachers! We always make up a basket of school supplies and teacher supplies for Aaron;s teachers each year. Genevive is alsi starting this year, so we will have 2 baskets going. Everytime we see something on sale, or something that we think a teacher can't live without, we grab it and put it in out teacher supply basket. Astrobrights colored paper will definitely be a favorite this year!

Astrobrights is having a very cool sweepstakes, "Give a Brighter Year""Give a Brighter Year" sweepstakes

All you have to do to enter is visit Astrobrights on Facebook, Astrobrights on Facebook

and you could win $30,000 worth of school supplies and cash for the school of your choice.

There is also a second challenge on the Astrobrights Facebook page, the "Make Something Astrobright" design challenge. This weeks challenge is to create some super colorful paper flowers! You will have a chance at a $200 Visa card, and make sure to check back next week for a new challenge!

Next week you will have a chance at a $300 Visa card, and the week after, you can win a $400 Visa card!

When you enter the "Make Something Astrobright" , challenge, be sure to take lots of pictures and videos and post on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook. Use hashtag #goastrobrights when sharing on all of your communities.

We love comments! Please let us know if you entered the contest or the Astrobrights challenge! What did you create with all of the colorful paper? What projects will your family be using the Astrobrights paper for?



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Friday, August 10, 2012

Awesome Back to School Deals at Famous Footwear

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Famous Footwear for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Here is one back to school expense that will be killing us this year! SHOES! SNEAKERS!

We have 2 going into school at the end of this month, and the 3rd, well, he just needs some new shoes. We have been going a little nutty already with just school supplies, socks and underwear! I have been taking advantage of all of the sweet deals on school supplies. but then I start to figure, "Hmmm, maybe I should buy 4 or 6 of everything, that way we have more halfway through the year!" and that always adds up. Even if each pack of crayons cost a quarter and the pencils are $1, and then there are erasers, rulers, lunch boxes, and so much, it can easily total $100 at checkout when you're through, and we didn't even start the clothes yet!!

I love deals and coupons and I spend so much time tracking down where I can get name brands at the best price! It is always a joke at our house because it doesn't matter what we are buying or shopping for, mom always has to get online to check the prices first;)

BOGO + 15% off Famous Footwear Coupon

I was very thrilled to see this coupon! You can print this out and take it right to a Famous Footwear, OR you can use the code and buy online! Take note of what the deal really is, this is pretty cool.. Buy 1 pair get the 2nd pair half off! Plus, take the coupon, and you get an additional 15% off!! Or 20% if you are a member of the Famous Footwear rewards program. I am siging up for this and I don't know, we may just hit the limit allowed for this deal and coupon, which is 21 pairs!

Are you a member of their rewards program yet? I am a member of so many of these rewards clubs but not any shoe or sneaker rewards programs. So, this will definitely help our family!

Here are some of the benefits offered through the FREE rewards program:

• Earn 1 point for every $1 you spend in-store or online
• Accumulate points to earn certificates up to $100 a year
• Discount offer just for signing up
• Other special inside discounts and perk

That will prove to be a big help when trying to save for that yearly (or sometimes more), family expense, when everybody outgrew their shoes, (or when mom needs some new shoes)

I personally am not close to an actual Famous Footwear, but is also as easy a place to shop just like their stores!


I am more then satisfied with the brands, sizes, prices, sales, selection, and easy mavigation on their site. Plus, like I mentioned above, the coupons also have codes you can use at checkout while shopping online.

We love comments and would love to hear about all of the cool deals you got with the coupon!

Just click the above link to grab this coupon! This offer is good from 8/2 through 8/18!



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