Sunday, July 31, 2011

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

2011 X Games 17!!! YAY!!

Well, the X Games are finally here!!!!
This is a fun time for our whole family!
Unfortunately, we do not get to go, lol, but we do enjoy the shows on Directv, or i guess i should say, ESPN.
I will be working, as will many others. So, Brian Deegan, (we love him and the whole Metal Mulisha;p) (We named our youngest son after Brian, except ours first name is, Deegan;p)anyway, Appfitters, and Brian have a very sweet app, that will allow you to keep up with what is happening!

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Bath & Body Works VIP Bag Giveaway

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Free Burger at Ruby Tuesdays Facebook Offer

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Catching Up

I am terribly sorry for not checking in, yet again. It seems I may have found someone to help build my website, and possibly help with logos;p So, I have been busy working on these things for the past week.
We also had A very horrific trauma occur, (not a family member, but after this very sad tragedy, he will be remembered by all of us each day)
His name was Lloyd Drusch Kreiser, age 74, passed away on Thursday, July 14th.
I had just parked the truck, and started to unload the groceries, and all of the kids were outside. My husband was in and out of the garage, and it was quite a pleasant day outside.
Our 4 year old, Genevive, was over at the end of the yard by the fence, watching cars go by, I was arguing with our 7 year old, Aaron, and the baby, Deegan, was playing in the grass. (our oldest, Bethany, was already en route to her boyfriends house;p)
A scooter rode by, (the motorcycle kind), and stopped at the stop sign. As that was happening, a tractor trailer came pretty fast up the hill (the sped limit changes from 35 to 45 right by my house, and unfortunately, the trucks and every other vehicle, try their best to gain speed for the high mountain road up ahead.)
I saw this particular truck fly by, and thought for a second, "wow, that was a bit to fast!" Not even a second later, a crash, terrifying noises I'd rather not hear again.
Originally, I thought he was going that fast, he must have hit a pole, or even something busted off, fell off, whatever. Genevive, started to cry, and i stopped arguing with Aaron and took Deegan with me to see what was wrong.
Well what I saw was, my husband in the middle of the road with his cell phone, a man lying on the road, helmet, scooter, and a few people standing around in shock.
Genevive made a very eerie statement, smiling between her tears, as she told me, "Look mommy! that nice man is a princess now! look at him! he is flying in the clouds" That statement alone made me shiver, and i grabbed her and gave her a giant hug, and tried as best as I could to get the kids inside the house.
By this time, the usual gawkers, neighbors, and passersby, had gathered close to the road. I saw my husband reach down to the man on the road as he continued on with his call.
It seemed like it took forever until help finally arrived. (we do live in a very rural area), but it seemed so long and now there were plenty more people around. Some in tears, some hysterical,and others just being the usual ridiculously rude, gawkers.
I was trying to help our older neighbor, Helga, she was not doing well with this at all, and I tried my best to keep her away, but I had to get my kids taken care of and in the house again as well.
The paramedics arrived, the state police, fire police, etc, and the helicopter was closeby when it landed.
Lloyd Drusch Kreiser. passed as he was being taken to the helicopter. (the paramedics say he did have a faint pulse)
The truck driver had walked down to the scene of the accident from where he parked, and as far as i know, and from what I've read, has not been charged with a thing.
So, I will keep my thoughts (somewhat), to myself, about the law, the very messy and very hard to see intersection by my house, and the truck driver
What I can tell you is, that my husband has been having an extremely hard time with all of this, and had to leave for work shortly afterwards. He was a nervous wreck, as he was the only person to stand with this man until help arrived. Other then a pastor, who had happened to have been parked in the line of traffic. He came up the road with Lloyd, and my husband, to read him his last rites.
My family is still in shock, somewhat of a mess, and so horribly sad for the loss of from what we found out, a very well respected, loved, and cared for man, who had a huge heart, would help anybody, and has a large family, and tons of friends.
That night, cars would pull alongside my house, his friends and family would walk up to the road, and some stopped by, to ask if their loved one had said anything. I could do nothing but cry and cry, and tell them I was so sorry. I listened to their stories of how great of a man Lloyd (Drusch) was, and was sad that I had not known him myself.
I do not believe my husband will ever be over what had happened that day, of course, neither will his family.
He will never be forgotten, and be forever grieved for at our house also.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Balls

This is our recipe for chocolate covered peanut butter balls, and yes, they are the best I have ever eaten;p
I am not so good with exact measurements, as we kind of just try and see what works as we go along, and go by taste. But if you are an exact measurement kind of person, and would like this recipe, I will make these again this weekend and measure everything exact.
I use;
1 18 oz jar of Jif creamy peanut butter
2 bage Hershey's semisweet chocolate chips
1 stick of butter (softened)
5 cups of confectioners sugar
a few tablespoons of shortening

Mix the peanut butter and the butter until smooth. Add the confectioners sugar.
I will often put the bowl in the fridge for about an hour. (it's easier to shape into balls when it's more firm!)
melt chocolate chips, stirring constantly. add shortening for
shine, stir.
roll peanut butter balls in melted chocolate, set on cookie sheet
covered in wax paper.
chill in fridge.
when these are cold, you can safely put these in containers, but
keep cold!!
My kids enjoy making these, and eating them;p

Advertising on blogs

Is this actually something that we can earn a substantial amount through?
I am working on getting more affiliates for companies and products that my family love and uses, and I am just curious as to what to expect for income purposes?
I am assuming I need a large amount of followers, and clicks, etc. But I am fairly new on this blog, and will be getting bigger, ( I hope;p), and I would love to hear how others do with advertising.........

What do you do with the kids when it is much to hot to go outdoors?

It is a scorching 97 degrees where we live, and as funny as it sounds, it is to hot and humid to even swim in the pool!
The weather report is saying that this will get worse as the week goes on!
So, we are stuck indoors for the time being. I do have a few errands to run in a bit. (Cvs, Boyers, groceries, and my husband is out of Prilosec)I am dreading walking out the door, and having the humidity make it hard to breathe!
I am not a fan of air conditioning, I love the smell of fresh air, and open the windows as much as I can, year round;p My husband hates this, and loves to be frozen to death all summer with the air conditioners, and has them on the entire time he is home.
Well, now I have 4 kids stuck in the house! HELP ME!! The 18 year old, Bethany, is pretty content with her laptop at the moment. The other 3 have been making such a mess, tearing the house apart, bickering and tattling, and basically,just driving me up the wall!
Luckily, we have A lot of crafts, and coloring books, and games, and quite a few fun things to do when they are all restless.
But I believe that this evening, after I am forced outside, by the very thirsty vegetable garden, and screaming flowers, lol, I am going to take the kid recipie book off the shelf, and we will make some snacks and treats!
mMy kids love to creat things, make messes, cook, and do experiments. Anything that has to do with glue, paint, chocolate, sugar, or play doh, is accepted with open arms.
The time spent with them, is something I wish I had more time to do, they really enjoy being together and having a good time,and tend to behave much better when we are occupied!
Not to mention that the homemade Crispix mix and Rice Krispie treats, are much cheaper and taste better!
Do you have any fun recipes you and your children enjoy making together? What plans do you have in your part of the world this week? Are you stuck indoors like we are?
Please post any links to your blog, website, anywhere you may have your favorite recipe! I will be posting our recipes we decide on later!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy Week

I must start off by explaining why i have not been here the past few days. I often like to get to comments, followers, and to read other blogs, each day. But, once a month, (sometimes more), I have a week where each and every day is filled with errands, and dr appointments.
I have RSD, so my appointments are quite often, every week. My youngest son, Deegan, also has a few medical conditions, and he also typically has appointments each week. This particular week, has both of us going crazy with appointments! Thank goodness it is almost over!
I work tommorrow night, (my actual night off from my real job, lol). So, i plan on learning some more about designing my blogs, and website, and finishing my Facebook pages, this weekend.
Please, if there is anybody out there who is an excellent time organizer, post a comment here with your link!
I wonder if I will ever have 5 minutes to just do nothing. Even with the very minimal amount of sleep i get each night, (due to RSD), I still tend to run out of time every day!
Yesterday was an exception;p
I was getting thoroughly annoyed with my to do lists that never seem to end, and I decided to stop and enjoy the rest of the evening with the 3 youngest kids.
I have a notebook where I list each days events, schedules, housework, mail, small and not so small projects, and I have a notebook just for to do lists for the computer!
So, yesterday early evening, I decided to throw this list away, (yes, I'm a bit nervous, thinking I may have forgotten to transfer something to todays list, lol) But I think I am starting to not care;p
I have a day and a half "off" this coming weekend, so I believe I can manage to get more accomplished then.
I am even thinking of taking today "off" as well. I have to work Friday night, at my pt job, (i consider that job as a break from my full time/overtime job at home;p)But, I should have some time this weekend after all.
Yesterday evening I decided we should go swimming, and play for a while, and have a slumber party in the living room. The kids love to have slumber parties, and for the most part, they love the pool.
Deegan especially loves swimming, and floated around in a panda bear intertube for almost 2 hours! He started to fall asleep, but would not let go of my hand.
Deegan also started to walk last night, after we came back inside, and had a snack.
We were very excited and he was to excited, i guess, because every time he would walk, he would giggle hysterically and clap for himself, which would lead to his falling down. Over and over again. He was so proud of himself, and so were his big sister and brother! (and me of course)
I believe I'm going to do what I can today, get to my appointment this afternoon, and rush back home, in hopes that the rain does not start, and we can go swimming again! Maybe we can practice walking again too;p

Saturday, July 2, 2011

looking for design help

i am hoping to find somebody who could possibly help me understand how i can design a banner, logos, a badge for other bloggers, and all of the nifty things i need to be able to complete this blog, and continue working on my next blog, and my facebook pages lol!
somebody HELP ME PLEASE!!!!
i am not very computer literate, i am trying, and i have taught myself a lot lately.
what i do know is, what i want to post, review, blog, the affiliates i want, and all the other fun parts.
if anybody has a blog teaching these things, a site, a tutorial, please comment;p

Friday, July 1, 2011

3 kids, 3 stores, and a coupon binder...

yesterday did not go as planned;p
it is a little rough taking 3 small kids to run errands, and especially to run in and out of 3 different stores with a coupon binder and a list!
i had everything planned out, and CVS was our first stop.
CVS has tons of awesome deals this week, and i had a good size list, and plenty of coupons!!
i pushed the baby in the cart and pretended to not care that the other 2 were in the toy aisle, ( we never buy toys there, they are much to expensive;p)
luckily, everything i needed was in stock, and i was quite pleased because this never happens so late in the week.
i figured i would wait until i was in line, and then open my binder and pull out the coupons. everything went well, and in my head, i figured my bill to be around $15, after all of my coupons. it ended up being a little more then i thought, and the kids were running and giggling and driving me nuts by this point. so, i paid and let it go.
i finally ripped their litle hands away from the candy and gum, and got them all out the door, in the truck, and we started down the road to Wal Mart.
then i realized, that there were 2 coupons i had, 1 for $3 off 2 Pantene, and 1 for $4 off 2 Advil!! that was driving me nuts! i couldnt believe paid full sale price for these items, and i could not believe i never gave the cashier these coupons!!
i plan on going back again before the sale is up, and doing it the right way this time, and alone!! lol.
well, we get into Wal Mart, and the skipping and giggling and yelling, "mom! puhllllllllllease, can we look at toys?" absolutely not, because we were on a very strict budget, (coupon only day), and there was not anything leftover, nor did the behavior i was treated with, deserve such a treat;p
we managed to get in and out of there in 20 minutes, a record for us! my bill was $5 after coupons, (i had a lot of free coupons!!) and we were on our way to the neighborhood grocery store, Boyers.
i love this store!! they have the best deals, they definately beat the much larger chain stores, AND they double coupons!! they will double all of your coupons, even if you have 15 75 cents off coupons for the same item!! tons of buy 1 get 1 free items and very nice discounts!!
plus, this store is the halfway point, to HOME!!
well, we are almost there, and Genevive decides to start crying and tell me that she left her Disney Tinkerbell tiara all the way back at, she thinks, CVS!
so, i called there and asked if anybody had turned this in, and the answer was, NO. so, Aaron told me he thinks he kinda sorta remembers where it might be. lol. i drove the whole way back, walked in the store, retracing a 4 year old girls footsteps, and found it in the toy aisle.
Thank goodness;p
now we are on our way back to Boyers, and everything is just dandy again.
that trip took about 30 minutes, which wasnt to bad since the last had about 25 items on it, some being from the deli.
i saved $65 in coupons there, and paid $32 after all of the coupons were taking off;p
i will be starting to post my lists and receipts online. i will have them in my Blogfrog Community, Busymommylist, and you should be able to find my community, by clicking on the widget on the right hand side of my page;p