Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Captured Moments Logo Design


I was super lucky to have been on Facebook a couple weeks ago, at the right time.
Sheri, from Captured Moments Logo Designs, was holding a bingo game, and the winner was to receive a free logo!
I have been trying to find a decent one for such a long time, and i never played Facebook bingo, so I thought it would be well worth a shot.
Not to mention, her work is amazing! Very professional, and I fell in love with a few designs she had in her profile, especially the cute little monkys you see above.
Sheri announced I actually won the game, and it felt like I just won the lottery! lol! She was very quick with her email and gave me a choice for custom, adding photos, or choosing from a design she already had on her page. Well, I couldn't say goodbye to these monkeys, and they reminded me a lot of my kids! It seemed like a perfect fit for this blog and the 'craziness" in the little monkeys eyes, and my kids, lol! So, I asked for the monkeys, maybe looking crazy (in a good way), and with "Moms Crazy Day" on the logo.
Within a half of a day, she had already sent the logo to my inbox! I wasn't expecting it to be that fast, but I was more then pleased!
I asked about a header for my blog, and how much one would cost. She quoted a very reasonable price, and when I couldn't decide what color would work best, she offered all 6 that she had designed, for another very low price! I took the "all 6" deal, and I can change them when I want a new look! I am in love with the one I have up top right now!
It was sad to see little Deegans birthday cake picture leave from the top of my page, but I can put that somewhere else!
I recommend her services and designs to any blogger, and business.
Sheri is very sweet, and very easy to work with. She delivers finished product exceptionally fast, and she stays pleasant while you ask about changes and colors.
Please like her Facebook page here
(I did recently see that she is having a giveaway!) Plus, you will get to see her work and probably get some very awesome prices!

I Am Finally All Fixed UP!!!! YAY!!

I have been in so much of a struggle the past 2 weeks!
This domain name, Google, Godaddy, DNS, wizards, mx records, wow, lol.
I love to learn and through all of this, I have been teaching myself along the way, and I do take a little longer then someone who has used a computer more often. But I do feel very happy and have such a sense of accomplishment, when I am finally done with each task. I know they may seem like very small things to a more experienced blogger, but I have never been a very computer literate person.
I have been locked out of my accounts, and every so often, I was able to get back in. I have lost quite a few followers, and I am hoping to earn their trust back.
Finally, this morning, I was able to complete my domain name change! It went through this time, with some help from a very cool person in the Google/Blogger help forum!
I was so disappointed with Googles' phone support, and I was practically forced to start a free trial with some business account they offer, just so I could see a telephone number I could call for help.
They told me they had "no idea", and "we can't help you with that. That is not part of Google" Hmmm well, that didn't seem to make much sense to me, but I said, "Thank you" and hung up.
I scoured the internet for some sort of help, I emailed Blogger, over and over and over, and posted several questions on their help forums. All with no reply.
Then finally, the other night, someone offered their help, and I was finally able to get back up and running! I also am happy to know that I can use this info for the future if I ever have this situation happen again! ( I really hope I don't)
So, my week is very busy with doctor appts, errands, work, a meeting, and of course, kids. But, somewhere in between it all, I plan on catching up with all the awesome people at http://www.voiceboks.com/, and get more of my "couponing 101" finished.
Thank you to the readers I do have left. I apologize sincerely, for the gap between posts.
I wish I could jump and scream and run through the streets!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Free Beauty Bag from Target!!

Target often has great samples and coupons that they offer through their website.
I love checking Target, and Walmart, for these samples, and sharing them with my readers and friends!
Target is offering a real cool bag, filled with trial sizes and samples of some real cool products!
You can click here to fill out the form to receive one!
I did receive beauty bags from Target before, and they are usually very generous and filled to the top!! The last one I received was back in January, and it included lots of coupons as well!
Please fill it out, and share this with your friends!

I am having a huge problem with Google

I apologize for not posting as I'd like to, and for not keeping up with following back, etc.
But I have been locked out of my account on blogspot for the past 8 days. I am also having issues with a domain name I purchased through blogspot, and it is I believe, the reason I am having these issues.
I had to sign up with some Google business account, (a free trial, thank goodness!), just so I can have a phone number to call for help and support!
The questions and countless cries for help I have posted in Google forums, are being ignored, so hopefully, with my new business account, I will be able to get this worked out in the morning!!
As soon as I am back up, I will be catching up with everything in my 3 blogs, as well as following you back!!
If anybody has any advice with Google, please comment!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

New Domain!!

I paid the Google fee associated with making custom domains! It should be ready and running in 3 days, so this will be exciting!
You can still find me at http://www.momscrazyday.blogspot.com/, but the new one will be http://www.momscrazyday.com/!!
I plan on doing my other blog domain names like this as soon as I have the extra cash!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Congrats to the Bath and Body Works VIP bag giveaway!! Gia Patton Judge

Gia Patton Judge, Gia Pett, is the winner of the super awesome Bath and Body Works bag!!!!
I am going to be posting the new giveaway, which will start today, and run through the 15th of September!
Also, "like" Busymommylist on Facebook, we have giveaways on there as well!!
Once i hit 1000 fans on Facebook, we will have a $50 Gap card to give away!!
Congrats to the winner;p
Please email me with your shipping info, at busymommylist@yahoo.com

Friday, August 12, 2011

Phineas and Ferb Movie Party part 2!

I wanted to add a few more pictures here, and also mention that in the pictures, you may not see all the kids a one time.
I believe I may have made a mistake by having this party downstairs in our rec room, with a Skeeball machine, and ball pit, and other fun kid play things!
A lot of the kids were playing, and I did have a few things broken. Which I do take the blame for, as there were really a lot of children here, and we did turn this into a sleepover. (not everybody stayed!)
We did tivo this movie upstairs, and the boys did watch the entire movie, the next morning. Again, I was shocked to see the little girls so dainty, and giggly, and sweet, the entire time during the party!
I also wanted to point out the amazing job that was done on the birthday cake!
I like to order my cakes from Boyers food Store in Lykens, PA. They are local, and offer great deals! But the bakery is always a huge success! Especially with the decorating part!
I called them the day before, (short notice due to my 1 yr old going in for a ct scan the next morning), and they were very happy to help with this cake!
 This was done by memory by a mother that works in the bakery, and i am still impressed at the excellent job she did! (and yes, the cake was very delicious!!)

This is a nice picture of the "big kids' enjoying the Phineas and Ferb movie!!

Phineas and Ferb's "chic fans"

Everybody getting settled in the tv room, or trying too!

Phineas and Ferb Movie Party!

These are some pictures from the awesome Phineas and Ferb party we were so lucky to have hosted, last Friday night through Childs Play Party!!
The kids had an amazingly fun time!
Disney provided us with party favors, sling bags, tattoo sheets, stickers, pins, and masks!
We served, Subway sub platters, birthday cake, Cheetos, fruit trays, and veggies and dip!
We had 16 kids total, and between those 16 kids and 9 foot long Subway subs, (Subway did a super job turning this into a plater for us!!), they ate them all! Even the fruit went quickly!!
As you can see from some of our party pictures, the girls seemed to be the most interested and more giggly out of the bunch! As well as my oldest daughter, Bethany, and her friends lol!
This was a very cute movie. I did get a chance to watch the majority of this the next day since it was tivoed!
Everybody seemed to have a fun time watching this movie, and rehearsing each line after it was over!
Suprisingly, the girls who attended, were much more interested in this movie then the boys seemed to be. Which made me wonder why Disney seems to focus more on the boys for this cartoon. I believe the sisters on the show are very true to life, and a lot of us can relate to them! They made the girls giggle and laugh like crazy, not to mention gave them some ideas on how to handle brothers!
Girls are also into cool, funny things, not just Cinderella, and Snow White! of course there are girls who love them too, but this Phineas and Ferb cartoon and movie, should be geared towards all ages. (We had some smaller children attend as well, and they really were fascinated by this movie!)
I've met little boys, including my own son, who really like to watch The Powerpuff Girls! They will tell you it's because they like Mojo Jojo, but I've seen the smiles they give the naughty one, Buttercup.
I really enjoyed this movie, and so did our guests. i am happy to know that such a cool cartoon, is out there for our children. My son especially is happy to hear about upcoming video games and novels.
We need characters like Phineas and Ferb, and Perry and Candace, in this day and age. I'm relieved to know that my children can watch such a show, without me having to wonder what they're going to learn, what don't I want them to see, hear, and do I have to watch every episode before I allow them to watch. I can safely trust Disney, and their channels, to take care of this. I am very thankful they add such a very cool twist to this cartoon so that boys in this age group keep coming back for more!

Free Teeth Whitening pen!!

I love this site! They offer great deals everyday, and today's deal is a teeth whitening pen for $8! This is valued at $29.99!
When you sign through my link, you will get a $10 credit, making this free!!
If you don't want this deal, you can always save the credit for another day, or check out the other deals they have for today!!
Click here to sign up for free!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Frying Pan Lasagna

This is one of my favorite dinners to make, and one of the kid friendly recipes I actually found! I serve this with salad and bread, and it's one of the few dinners when I can honestly say that, " The kids cleaned their plates!" I will do my best here with measurements, (as I mentioned before, I'm not good with that, as I just eye stuff up and go by taste and with how much more it looks like it needs, lol)
The ingrediants I list are the brands we use and love!
1 jar of Barilla pasta sauce
1 lb of hamburger
1 green pepper chopped
1 box of Ronzoni Garden Delight rotini, or 1 bag of Wacky Mac
1 cup of Wishbone Italian dressing
1 bag of Kraft shredded mozzarella  cheese
1 cup of water

brown hamburger in frying pan over medium high heat until brown, drain,
add Italian dressing and green peppers,
stir and cook for 5 minutes.
Add 1 cup of water, pasta sauce, pasta
cover, reduce heat to low, and simmer for about 15 minutes, stirring occasionally.
Add mozzarella cheese, cover, let simmer until cheese is melted.

See? It's simple, quick, and doesn't take a lot of ingrediants! Not to mention that the price per serving can easily be under $2 per person! (If you have the right coupons!!) The hamburger will normally be the most expensive, and the rest of the items, when bought on sale, and with coupons, can cost next to nothing! Making this a great weeknight meal!!
We do grab the veggies from our garden for the salad, and the green peppers for the lasagna come from there too!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Free Suave Sample Box from Walmart!

I apologize, I will be catching up here with comments, follows, posts, and finishing up my pages up top, I hope by tomorrow!
I have been down with a vicious migraine, and it has been easing up a bit!
Anyway, here is a real cool freebie for today! Hurry up and fill out the form, these will go fast!
Click here for a Suave sample box!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Phineas and Ferb Party Friday Night

Aaron is excited about this real nice party we have planned for his 8th birthday tomorrow night.
Thanks to Disney, and Childs Play party, we were chosen to host this event for the new Phineas and Ferb movie! They sent a party pack a month or so ago, filled with tattoo sheets and masks of the characters. Tuesday, we received yet, another, party pack from Disney, filled with sling bags, stickers, and character buttons! These will be very cool for the kids goodie bags!
I'll be posting pictures here after the party!
I wanted to get real creative with this party, but as I mentioned in my last post, Deegan will be getting a CT scan done first thing in the morning. I am not sure how long that will be, so I cheated an ordered a cake from the bakery!
Other items on our menu will be; fruit pizza, veggie pizza, Subway subs, cheese curls, popcorn, Capri Suns, bottles of water, homemade Crispix mix, and homemade Rice Krispie treats! I'm often the type to overbuy and over cook and bake for get togethers, and parties, so I'm going to try my best to stay away from that!
I have to take Aaron and Genevive to their grandmothers house for the night, go for some groceries, try and get the rec room cleaned up, start some food preperation, and I may just stay up all night as first planned, with lots and LOTS of Maxwell House, and Coffeemate powdered cream (yum).
I also believe I'm going to steal my oldest daughters laptop, and fix up this blog, and fill in all of the pages I have up top with the info I have been wanting to get around too.
My main concern is to get Deegan as busy and as full as I possibly can, before he has to get to bed. I'll keep him up until 11pm, and after that, nothing else to eat or drink!
I should get some sleep though! Last count was 14 kids for the party!
Thank God, I have an older daughter who will be a huge help. Otherwise, I'd be completely bald after the movie. lol.
I'm going to finsh my shopping list and gather my coupons, the kids, their backpacks, pillows, and toothbrushes, and head on over to grandmas house.
If by any chance you have any creative, and easy, ideas for any Phineas and Ferb food, please leave a comment!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Counting down the hours

I'm driving myself crazy this past week, and the closer Friday morning gets, the nuttier I'm becoming!
The other week, I had Deegan, (the cute little messy guy in the picture above;p), at his regular checkup. Everything was fine and dandy, the nurses giggled and told him how handsome he was, and he winked and flirted as he always does. lol.
I had 2 of my other little ones with that day, and they were starting to get cranky and bored, as I expect;p
I really get bothered when you walk into the doctors office, only to find a waiting room filled with people! How and why did they overbook? Why can't I charge them $50 when they are more then 15 minutes late?
After about 45 minutes, the dr comes in. Now, he has been the pediatrician for all 4 of my children, he has delivered them all, (well, Deegan was born in the ambulance, lol), and he has been the family dr for almost 20 years.
So, I was a bit shocked, and quite upset, when he acted as though he met me for the first time. This is not like him, and I know he was very busy that day. But anyway, he went on to inform me that Deegans' head is much to large and he needs a CT scan to see how bad the hydrocephalus is. I never even heard this word before, and when I asked what that was, he started explaining and all I heard was; fluid, skull, brain.
At that moment, I felt like the world exploded, I cried and cried and cried and the kids kept asking what was wrong and Deegan kept looking up at me smiling.
He has already had a few small, very minor issues in his little life. Cleft lip and Club foot, and now this! He has a few more surgeries left in his next few years, to help with his foot and lip. He did have his lip closed at 6 months, and his foot surgery happened at 8 months. He has been casted since birth, and now continues to wear his Ponsetti boots and bar at nighttime. But he is a remarkable young man, and is expected to have a complete recovery. So, this was not something I was hoping to hear at the visit that day.
My ultrasounds did show A lot of things going on with him, and every time i had an ultrasound done, (which was 3 days a week for a few months), they "found" something else wrong with him. (I do have posts about this, and I'm sure this will be the topic of more to come)
Friday at 7am, Deegan and I will be headed to the hospital for his CT scan. I wish there were an easier way of doing this, and I also wish somebody would call me back! I've been trying to find out, are they starting the procedures that day? When does that start? Why, when the doctor wrote, "stat 24 hours", on Deegans referral papers, are we only being seen 19 days later?
The part that I find the hardest, is the "do not let patient eat anything after 11pm the night before" I always had a hard time with that, lol. Even though when we do get to the hospital at 7am, they will say, "Oh, his appointment is not until 9am!" Then we will be stuck in a small room, Deegan wiode awake, and always smiling and talking;p, while we hear the other little babies and small kids crying, certainly because they are HUNGRY!!
Either I will end up crying the whole time, or being so angry that I knock a dr or nurse out, due to the ignorance of making these kids wait so long while the specialists have coffee and cinnamon rolls;p (yes, I've seen this)
I know they are doing their job, but isn't there any way, to make this a more pleasant experience for these kids??
I believe after I drop the other little ones at my mom's for the night, I'm taking Deegan out for some pizza and then after he goes to sleep, I'll be drinking my pot of coffee, and trying to figure out more of this blogging stuff;p Anything to keep my mind off of the next day!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Savings Angel

I am so happy and so very impressed with this site!
I have always dreamt of doing a site exactly like this one, but have not had the means to do so.
I spend countless hours each month, compiling the best deals, the coupon matchups, lists and lists and lists, and then I post them somewhere, or email them in one of my daily newsletters.
Well, I really don't have to spend so much time anymore!
This site will match you up with almost any store you shop at, compile a list for you to choose from, you just click, and it'll save the list for you, but this is not all!! lol, I just am so excited for this program!
They will tell you where the coupons are/were, give you links to all of the printables, and they will let you share, save, or print your list!
Not to mention, they have quite the customer service team!
They also are very generous with their referral program. So, if you would be so kind, as to click here, to chec them out, sign up, whatever, I'd appreciate this very very much!
You will have a free trial, and if you don't have the time to get through everything, just let them know! They may even prolong your free trial a bit;p
This is how I earn money for all of my time and effort spent, as well as pay for all of my monthly fees that are required to run blogs, and network. I am sure most of you know what I mean, so you'll understand how grateful I am when you click through any of my ads, or affiliates;p
Even though, a few bucks a week is fine with me to spend in order to have more time with my family! I will still pay for this membership if I don't get referrals, because this site is seriously a time and stress saver;p