Thursday, January 26, 2012

Nina and MrChewy

Nina and the kids are still going crazy over the assortment of treats that Nina received from!
Of course Nina loves them all, and she especially loves her Newmans own Organics Peanut Butter Formula Dog Treats the best.
If you have a pet dog or cat, you have got to check out!
I am usually much to busy to add more errands on my to do lists, and shopping lists, and I love the free shipping MrChewy offers on orders of $49 or more! That saves me money in gas, and a lot of time! Especially since I live nowhere near a pet shop that carries quality, organic, food and treats for Nina.
I am absolutely delighted to have been offered a generous shopping spree for Nina in return for a review, and I will be a repeat customer!
MrChewy offers an incredible assortment of foods and treats and even Frontline Flea and Tick. They also have prescription pet food, and fairly often have discount or coupon codes available.
I have looked at other websites in the past for dog food and treat type deals and I never bothered with ordering online because I could always find it in a store much cheaper then online. But MrChewy does have very low prices, and has already beat my stores prices!

Here is Deegan, running to get more treats for Nina, lol, he especially has been excited because Nina is his best friend and always helps him up when he falls, and makes sure he is safe. he loves feeding Nina anything and everything, so I am content with him having a treat bag close by, rather then the Chips Ahoy and his dinner he loves to share!
Deegan's favorite special treat bag for Nina are the Bil Jac Peanut Butter Nanas Dog Treats, and Bil Jac Yapple nanas, and Nina loves them too. (yes, they may be small, but you would be surprised at how many Deegan can put in his tiny hands!)

Aaron and Genevive are doing a goofy pose with Nina, after feeding her probably a little to many of her treats, lol, but it seems Nina didn't much want to participate for the picture.
MrChewy also offers a very cool Refer Your Friends Program, , all you have to do is share your special link, and your friend gets $10 off their first order, and MrChewy will donate $10 to your choice of partner charity!

You have to try MrChewy out! Your pet will love him, and you will to when you realize how much time and money you will be saving!

**Our reviews are our own opinions! Please click here for further info regarding our honest, trustworthy reviews and opinions. We care about our readers and will always post the truth and you can always comment or email, with any suggestions, complaints, or your opinion about any product, brand or service we advertise and love!**

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Free Personalized Valentines Cards from Vistaprint!

This is a real cool offer, and the personalization adds to this deal!
You will have to pay shipping, but that will only run $4.50. What do you get for the freebie if you are paying $4.50 in shipping?
You get 10 free note cards, you can cut them when you get them, to make 30 Valentines Day cards for your child's classroom, or friends. Plus you can add a photo, and/or personalize them for the free price! That's the coolest part!!

Click here to order your Free personalized Valentines cards from Vistaprint!!

More Awesome Printable Coupons!!

Save $1 on a 6 pack of Snapple!
Also on this page when you click for the Snapple coupon, , you will find a coupon for 50 cents off 2 boxes of Betty Crocker fruit snacks! This is another good deal, especially when your store has them on sale!
Save $1 on 2 packs of Oscar Meyer Carving Board Meats of cold cuts!
Save $1 on 2 boxes of Uncle Bens whole grain brown rice!
Save $1 on any Garnier Fructis shampoo or conditioner!
Save $1 on any Garnier Fructis styling product!
and there are many more, especially when you type your zip code in.
CVS has Garnier Fructis on an Extracare deal this week, so these orintables will surely help make the most of that deal!
Get $5 in Extrabucks when you spend $15 on Garnier Fructis at CVS!

Save $1 off POST Honey Bunches of Oats NEW Fruit Blends

Here is a very cool coupon, and a definite awesome deal at most stores this week!
Save $1 on Post Honey Bunches of Oats NEW Fruit Blends!
Boyers has this cereal for $2.50 this week, so this will cost me $1.50 after this printable coupon!! YAY!!
Cereal for $1.50 is my favorite, and I have been anxious to try this cereal, so I will more then likely be picking this up today.

Sign up for Woman Freebies

I have been receiving the Woman Freebies email newsletter for a few months now, and I am very pleased with the amount of coupons, offers, and legitimate freebies that they have information on.
There are some blogs, newsletters, social network freebie posts, etc, that I refuse to use, recommend, or trust. Woman Freebies is legitimate, and trustworthy.
If you like to enter sweepstakes, contests and giveaways, they have all the best leads for those as well!
Click here to sign up for the newsletter!

Sign up for Free with UPS My Choice

This is a very cool service, and free which is a huge benefit. Especially if you are a crafter, a direct seller, an Ebayer, or just order like crazy online, just like I do lol.
But this service would allow you to track all packages, get alerts about your packages, electronically authorize drop offs, re route packages, and lots more!

I have a UPS delivery at least once per week, sometimes more then once a week, and I would ship UPS, however, I unfortunately do not live near a UPS drop off or store.
I am using this service, and I am truly satisfied with it, and especially being a very busy person and mom, I like getting alerts before my packages will arrive.
Click here to sign up for free!

**This is a sponsored content post.**
**All opinions are in fact, my own, and I will never be paid, persuaded, bribed, in any way, to change my opinions. If I am not happy with a service or product that I have used, or can not say enough about a service or brand or product, I will never recommend it!**

Turbo Tax Free Edition

Here is another free tax filing offer and Turbo Tax Free Edition has a guarantee to get you the biggest return possible!
You can file for free, print for free, and efile for free, which will get you your return a lot faster then through the regular mail, doing your taxes the old way.
Turbo Tax Free Edition also offers online support, 100% accurate calculations, and step by step guidance, when filing your federal taxes with them!
Click here to start filing your simple tax return today!

File Your federal Taxes FREE!!

This is always a good deal, and from an excellent and trustworthy company!
You can file your federal taxes for free,right from home.
There is an additional fee if you do choose to file your state income tax return.
We use HR Block every year, for quite some time now, and have always been more then satisfied.
We have a small business and HR Block has been the best we have found to get our taxes done the right way the first time!
Click here to file your federal tax return for FREE!!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Walgreens Prescription Savings Club

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Walgreens for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Walgreens and Express Script

If you have been an Express Script customer, you may have been affected if you were picking up prescriptions for your family at Walgreens.

Have no fear though! Walgreens has a very good plan for you and your family! Walgreens Prescription Savings Club

If you are a member of Express Scripts, you can no longer have your prescriptions filled at any Walgreens Pharmacies, or any Duane Reade pharmacies in New York.

Walgreens and Express Scripts have not been able to agree on new contract terms, and therefore, the contract expired on Dec 31st of 2011.

Express Script is causing a terrible time for customers, with no new benefits to the customer. Many customers have to drive much further, and have not seen any new benefits! Our military and their families will be affected as well. 

One of Express Scripts clients is Tri Care. Tri Care is the health care and prescription drug plan for the men and women of our military. Walgreens made every effort possible, to keep a contract with Express Scripts, even if just for Tricare patients. But Express Scripts refused. Walgreens even offered to match and even beat, all other pharmacies in the Tricare network.

If you are a reader of mine, even if you are new, you are probably a  saver in some way, new or a pro at couponing, and you are always looking for more ways to be more frugal!

Walgreens Prescription Savings Club

The Walgreens Prescription Saver Club, is an excellent choice for you and your family! I actually like their plan better then my own prescription plan!

You will want to sign up during the month of January, for an even more amazing deal! $10 for your family to join the Walgreens Prescription Savings Club, and $5 for individuals. These prices are for the month of January, and are normally $20 for an individual, and $35 for a family, per year. That is an awesome deal, and wait until you see what this membership will get you!

You will get savings on more then 8000 brand name medicines and ALL generic medicines. More then 400 generic medicines are available for a 3 month supply for less then $1 a week! You will also receive extra bonuses when buying Walgreens brand, Nice! brand, and photofinishing  services. You will also get discounts on flu shots, pet prescriptions, diabetic and nebulizer supplies.

All of that for $5 for your first year, or $10 for your family for the first year.

Even if you may only need this plan for emergency meds, illnesses, and maybe just 1 regular prescription, these savings are much more then what you will save with such plans as Express Scripts. The discounts on pet meds are a nice safety net, and so are the extra bonuses when you buy Walgreeens, Nice! brand, and photofinishing services!

Follow Walgreens on Twitter, Walgreens on Twitter

"Like" Walgreens on Facebook, Walgreens on Facebook

for more info and to keep up with them and all of the savings they provide for your family!

Visit Sponsor's Site

Thursday, January 12, 2012

My New Year's Resolutions

1)De clutter a section of the house, at least once every 2 days!!
2)Catch up on:
c)points sites
d)blog posts
e)new blogs
f)my mom group
g)connecting with contacts and leads
h)starting my Newbie Network site, geared towards helping newbies,
just like me, and form a support group!!
i)putting all my points and codes in all the points rewards sites
belong too!
j)catch up on reviews
k)figure out Google Analytics and where to put this in my blogs
l)start my email newsletter through Mail Chimp
m)make a list of everything else online I must catch up with!!
3)Start my Couponing 101 ebook and video series
4)Really get my Enchanted Potions and RADA business off to a good start!
5)Make up all of the missed appointments due to pain, RSD, etc, and reschedule them around MY schedule for once!
6)Get new glasses!
7)Establish a very structured schedule for the 3 little monsters in my life, because we are always behind, very busy, messy, and I am always going crazy!
8)Schedule more school work for the children, for weekends and after school. (I would like to see how well we would do for an at home type schooling for the very near future!)
9)Start a new extremely structured budget! Stick with it and do the envelope cash deal!
10)Clear out my emails as soon as I get them, and stop letting them pile up!
11)Try to help other RSD sufferers, (I have been dealing with this dilemma, which constantly holds me back from every day life and chores, and worst of all, my family)
12)Get re involved with the presidential campaigns and help get people to vote and know what they are voting for!
13)Stop letting RSD control me and my life!
14)Stop letting RSD control my husbands and childrens lives!
15)Research as much as I can about any and every new pain management test, treatment, doctor, clinic, hospital, and help make our Government more aware of this awful disease!
16)Stop piling so many things on my to do list and stick with my daily routine as best I can with my cleaning schedule, errands, and make cleaning 1 room and the bathrooms a daily chore, rather then try to clean the whole house! Make errand day 1 day a week! Laundry, at least every other day!
17)Try like crazy to make and sell as much opera fudge and regular fudge as possible, to have an extra source of income
18)Stop making so many long to do lists, project lists, and New Years Resolution lists;p
20)use my Amazon Chase rewards card as much as possible and always pay off! (But you earn 1,2, and 3 points per dollar, and you can use these for Amazon orders! )I actually pay a few hundred each week on this card, and use it for gas, groceries, to pay some bills, and for shopping when necessary. I can pay for Christmas, (I normally do), just with these points on Amazon!!
So, I have been off to a good start with these. I was very much impressed and I have tried to make myself realize that I can not expect to get everything done, every single day. Especially with my RSD in my feet, ankles, and legs, I should not expect to force myself to get it all done on bad days! After all, I have to save any "Low pain days" for my pt bartender job, and my children, (the latter being the most important!)
Most of all, I really have got to learn how to say NO! I am always trying to please everybody, help everybody, and run around for everybody, do everything for everybody, I have stopped that already, well, kind of!
But, I always preach how the small things are what is most important, and life is to short, and blah blah blah, but then here I am, driving 100 miles on a normal day, and helping every person I run into!
No, it is not a bad thing, but it has to be limited. You can not live your life just to help others, and make sure others have everything they could need and want, before yourself. (of course you can do this when it comes to your children, but even then, there must be a set limit!)
The New Year started off pretty well, and I just had a few minor pain issues. New pain, new symptoms, stolen meds, and I have been doing my best and this is just what I have to accept, and nothing more!
The computer is very high on my list, (no, the list above was in no certain order), but my online business, blogs, and sites, reviews, I have got to get together! I have many goals, and I don't plan on going anywhere for a very, very long time!
So, expect to see a lot more posts, and links and fans and friends, because this is my ft job and I have every intention to make this a huge success!
That's all I have to say about these for now, but there will be plenty more on this all to come, each week. It will be a weekly post about how my family, and myself, are doing with our structured spending, schedules, errands, cleanup toy time, schoolwork, and so on.
Please feel free to leave any links to your organizational blogs, business, sites, or any suggestions or comments! They are all always welcome here!

Under One Roof Exclusive Online Community

This is something I would like to sign up for, however please note the income requirements for this community!
If your household does earn that amount, then this is the place for you!

The people who bring you HGTV, Food Network, and Travel Channel invite you to join an exclusive online community where you can share your opinions, thoughts, and ideas about topics related to home, food, travel and more! Under One Roof is your opportunity to tell us about your experiences in home improvement, decorating, cooking, shopping, entertaining, traveling, vacations, and much more. Your opinions will help shape plans for some of your favorite networks. Plus, you earn points for rewards by participating in surveys and discussion forums. Once you've qualified and confirmed your membership in the community, you will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win one of three $250 electronic giftcards.

To qualify must have household income of 50K+

I Love Vistaprint!

I do really love Vistaprint, and I have ordered many,many, many times from them. I have to do another order very soon, and I always take advantage of their freebies!
I have never had a bad order, I have never had a problem or negative feedback with/for them.
I have purchased pens, business cards, mommy cards, note pads, sticky notes, and calendars!
Right now they are offering the following, for free! (You do have to pay shipping, and sometimes it can get aggravating at the end when they show you the offers they have to go along with your order! Always remember, you do not have to order the add ons! Be careful if you do, because your order can go up significantly!)
But, I don't have a problem with them showing me offers, I have taken advantage of a few before, just as I love using the 25% off coupons I get with each order! After all, they are doing business, and doing what they can to keep and get business, and why would I have a problem with that? Best of all, they are not pushy! There are not any pop ups that keep coming up, after a simple yes or no, and the check out process is simple and quick! The following are a list of what Vistaprint is offering right now!
If you are a blogger, this is an excellent opportunity for you to promote your skills!
6 FREE products to start the New Year! Get organized in the New Year with 6 FREE products from Vistaprint! Choose from 250 Free Business cards, a free photo wall calendar, a free photo desk calendar, 10 free folded note cards and more! Don’t let your resolutions get away from you this year, The products are free- just pay for shipping and processing! Starting Shipping Costs · Free Business Cards: $5.67 · Wall Calendar: $5.67 · Desk Calendar: $3.49 · Sticky Notes: $4.57 · Note Cards: $4.68 · Stamp: $6.31
Click here to start your order with Vistaprint!

Credit Sesame Free Credit Score..Always Free!

This is a totally free service, and you can manage your credit score, (Not your credit report!!), and you can manage your debt, credit cards, mortgage, loans, all right here under your free account!
What you will be receiving from Credit Sesame, is emails, alerting you to loan offers, refinance, credit offers, all tailored to your credit score class.
There is never a fee, and you can check your score each month, and see what is happening with your finances.
Your credit report will be checked if you do decide to apply for one of the pre qualified loans they may send you information about. This could lead to a lower score, depending on your credit history, and score.
If you use this site just as a tool, to keep track of your credit score, I recommend this site! I personally choose to NOT sign up for any pre qualified loans or credit, especially since we have been trying to get rid of debt here at my house. If you use this wisely, this site is an excellent tool for you!
Click here to sign up and get started on learning all about your credit score, and finances!

Memolink Signup Get Rewarded!

**Please note! I am not a member of this site!**
I am simply not a member, because I do not have the time, with all the other sites I work with, such as this one.
Please refer to my post about precautions to take with survey/reward sites!

I have not heard or read anything bad about this site, if I had, I would not even attempt to post about this!
I have heard that it is a trusted site, and that they are not a scam, but you must decide this on your own, and signup at your own risk!
I have also read that this specific site does do product testing and samplings, so there may be great opportunities for you with this as well!
Click here to signup with Memolink!

Global Test Market Panel

This is another survey site, where you can earn gift cards and be rewarded for your time!
**Please note! I am not a member of this survey panel**
I have never applied for this one, simply because I have not had the time. I have several other survey sites and earn sites that I do, and I can barely keep up with them!!
I do, however, see this one around a lot, and I have never read anything personally, that ever led me to think they were a scam. and I have heard good things about them!
I have also heard good things about a lot of these types of panels, especially about the samplings and product testing!!
That being said, you are signing up with them at your own risk!
Please refer to my post about precautions to take with such sites!
Sign up here to start earning cash with Global Test Market Panel!

Sign up for FREE with Manilla

No More Late Fees!! (that's my favorite part about Manilla!!)

This is a cool, very worthwhile site to sign up with! Best of all, it is FREE!!
I have paper, tablets, notebooks, bills, bill drawers, statements, just way to much clutter for me! I have been quite a happy Manilla user now, and I love that I can organize all on 1 account! I can log in, with 1 password, and I do not have to spend an entire afternoon, or morning, trying to remember passwords, and play the "send me my password hint" games, with every account I have!
This service is very much worth it, even if you are just testing it out!
It's not just for bills either. You can manage your loyalty accounts, subscriptions, and I especially am crazy over the fact that I can keep up with my accounts, free trials, etc, that way I do not get stuck paying the monthly fees, or yearly fees! I can cancel right away, even if I can not locate the email or paper I wrote it on. Because it is all right here, in my Manilla account!
Click here to sign up for free, with Manilla!

**This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Manilla. **
**As always, all of my posts, are my opinions, and I never take compensation from anybody, in exchange for a "good review", positive reviews, or anything that is not my true, honest, opinion! Rest assured, I will always state whether or not I have used the service, products, etc, and I will always give a review, to the best of my ability! For my readers; If ever you have an issue, negative or positive, a complaint, a problem, about any of the products, services, items, websites, companies, that I have posted about at any time, please contact me and let me know about it! You can also comment here as well! Comments will not be deleted, unless there is of course, threats, profanity, against any readers, or companies.
For the advertisers; If you contact me or my children, for a review, you will have the right to request the review before it is posted! I will always contact you in case of a negative review, and you can either offer a new sample, product, suggestion, or we will return the item, product, or cancel the review, and you are not obligated to compensate in any way! Please refer to my PR statements for further info! You can also always contact me @ with any questions, concerns, or suggestions! **

MyView Get Rewarded for your Opinions!

This is another survey site, that will pay you in gift cards!
I personally have not ever been accepted through this site, so I can not say much about it. Other then, they are taking new applications!
Click here to sign up with MyView!

** Please refer to my "EARN" tab, concerning precautions you should take when applying for sites such as this one!!** Desk Calendar for $1!! (Plus Shipping)

Use code; DESKP, to get your desk calendar for just $1 and $4.99 for shipping!
Any additional desk calendars are only $7.99 and $1.99 shipping!!
Click here to check out this deal!!

If you're a coupon hunter, avid user, love to print coupons, trade coupons, load coupons to your shoppers cards, this is the site for you!!
Click here to join one of the best coupon sites around!
You can check deals for CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, and more! You can also print coupons and trade with people right here!

Sign up for deals at Craftsy!!

Sign up here for Craftsy! From deals, online courses, special promos, and much more!!
Anybody from beginner to pro, will find something they can purchase, or learn!
Sign up here for Craftsy!

Escalate Network

I have been having some pretty ok luck with this account, since I have started blogging. Especially since I rarely have time to even check in on campaigns, and post them!
I have had the best luck with this account, and I definitely recommend them for any blogger!
They do cater towards mom bloggers, family bloggers, coupon and deal bloggers, etc.
Plus, I have not seen a better variety of campaigns on one site! The pay scales are some of the best I have seen so far as well!
If you are a blogger, or you are just starting out, I would sign up with them!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Watch Independent Films for FREE!


Free Disney Fairy Tale Wedding and Honeymoon Brochure Sign Up!!

Cick the banner above to order your copy of the Disney fairy Tale Wedding and Honeymoon Brochure!

Free 8x10 Canvas! Just Pay Shipping!

Canvas People

Click the picture above to get your FREE 8x10 canvas! You will have to pay shipping, but this would make a great gift, and it is a cool freebie!!
You can also choose to use the $55 credit towards a larger size and just pay the difference.

BelleChic Deals up to 75% off!!


Sign up for BelleChic and receive emails with handmade goods from the world’s best artisans at up to 75% off.

Click the BelleChic picture to sign up free!

75 Cents off 1 Box of Multi Grain Cheerios Printable Coupon

This is a good coupon, especially when you find these as part of a 5/$10 or even a 4/$10 sale.
this is also another good snack for after school, after dinner, or for on the go!
We have a rule that we pretty much stick by, lol.
School night snacks have to be healthy, they normally consist of Yoplait yogurt with granola, or fresh fruit and dry cereal.
The kids love the little fruit and cereal buffet, and it is a good way to introduce new fruits!
Click here for the 75 cents off 1 box of Multigrain Cheerios

50 Cents off 2 Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks Coupon

This is my kids favorite snack, lol, I love packing these in school lunches and they are perfect for our wekly and sometimes daily trips to the doctor appointments and errands, and all our busy running.
Plus, they are much healthier then stopping at a gas station or fast food KID MEALS, (YUCK!)

Giant Food Stores have an amazing deal on these this week!!
4/$6!! This includes, Gushers, Fruit Roll Ups, and Fruit by the Foot!
(if you are taking advantage of this deal at Giants Food Stores, please make sure to read the fine print!!)
You have to buy all 4 to get the 4/$6 price, and any additional quanities are still at a decent price, $1.00 each.
Click here to print the 50 cents off 2 Betty Crocker Fruit Snack coupon!

$1 off 4 ANY variety/flavor Totinos Crisp Crust Pizza Products Coupon

This is another cool product to have on hand for an after school snack, or a quick addition to a weekend lunch!
AND this is also another of those awesome $1 each or 10/$10 deals at the grocery stores, so this coupon will make the 4th one free!
Click here to save $1 on 4 Totinos Pizzas!!

80 Cents off 4 ANY Flavor Hamburger, Tuna, or Chicken Helper Coupon

Click here to print your coupon for 80 cents off any 4 Hamburger, Chicken, or Tuna Helper boxes
this ais another one of those good deals when you can buy these on sale for $1 a box and with this coupon, it will end up being like getting one free! (or almost free if your store does not double printables)
This is a good item to have on hand for when your school noghts/days get busy, and cooking from scratch or almost scratch, just isn't going to cut it!
Also a very inexpensive meal, and you can add a good variety of vegetables, and whatever your family likes, to make this meal a little healthier, or to spice it up!

50 Cents off Betty Crocker Frosting and cake Mix Coupon

This is always a favorite of mine. I like to have extra cake mixes and icing on hand, especially when the kids want to decorate cupcakes, and I really don't have time to bake from scratch! SSSSHHHHH!! lol!
this is also one of those deals you can get rather cheap, especially this time of year, when the cake mixes are on sale for $1, and the icing is 3/$5!!
Click here to save 50 cents on Betty Crocker Icing and Cake Mix!

30 cents off 2 Pilsbury Refrigerated Grands Biscuits and Donut Recipe for Kids!

This is another one of those products that can usually be found on sale for at least 2/$4.
This is also a fun product for my kids favorite donut recipe!!
Click here for the 30 cent off 2 Pilsbury Grands Biscuit coupon

Recipe for Aaron, Bethany, Genevive, and Deegan's Easy Sugar Donuts
2 packs of Grands Biscuits
Wesson oil (This is my pick, your favorite will do)
Frying pan, adult, tongs
Granulated sugar
Powdered sugar
Cinnamon sugar
Sprinkles, and any other toppings you choose
Lots of paper towels!!
A container or a few containers with lids! (My choice is Rubbermaid and Ziploc containers)

Heat oil in frying pan
Cut the biscuits into 4's, and shape into balls.
drop in hot oil, (this is where the adult comes in!), for a few minutes, pull out and place on plates covered in paper towels to catch the extra oil!
Let cool
Gather a few bowls, and dump the sugars in each, 1 for cinnamon sugar, 1 for powdered, and 1 for granulated sugar.
Place lots of paper towels around the kids sugar area!
When the donut holes are cooled enough, divide these up for the kids to dip and roll into sugar bowls, and place in containers.
Aaron's favorite recipe for his sugar coated donuts, is to place each donut hole, in all 3 sugars, and if I was nuts enough to also add a bowl of sprinles, he would also add those as well.

This is a fun recipe, and a neat way to hang out with your kids for a while.
We love to cook and bake together, and I am always trying to find recipes that are kid friendly! If you have any to share, please feel free to comment with your recipe idea, or blog link!!

Save $1 on 5 Kleenex 50 Count or Higher Boxes

This is a good stock up coupon, especially when they are on sale for $1 a box!
This is like getting one for free! Not to mention, a good thing to be stocking up on now!
Click here to print this $1 off 5 Kleenex coupon

75 cents off Cottonelle Flushable Bathroom Wipes

This is a must have when you have children, lol!
I stock up on these like crazy whenever i find a good deal, and a coupon to go along with it!
Click here for the 75 cent off 2 Cottonelle Flushable Wipes coupon!

40 cents off 2 Totinos Pizza Rolls

This is always a good coupon, and most stores when they have their 10 for $10 deals, include the Totinos Pizza roll boxes!
Click here to print the Totinos piza Roll coupon!
This will make a good after school snack, and even nicer if your store doubles this and you will get 2 boxes for $1.20 if you buy on sale!!

50 Cents off 2 Pilsbury Crescent Rolls

Most of the stores have these on sale right now for 2/$4, so this will be a great help!
Click here to save 50 cents on 2 Pilsbury Crescent Rolls!!

New Printable Coupons!! 50 cents off 1 Box General Mills Cereal Bars!!

I love printable coupons, and I also love the pretty large amount of printable sites there are for us!
I will be posting some of the best printables every week, and as always, you can scroll to the bottom of the home page, and click on all of the offers and coupons, and print directly from here!
I also have a coupon tab on, and you can print directly from that, you just have to click!!
This is an awesome coupon!!
50 cents off 1 General Mills Cereal Bars coupon!!