Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I Am Finally All Fixed UP!!!! YAY!!

I have been in so much of a struggle the past 2 weeks!
This domain name, Google, Godaddy, DNS, wizards, mx records, wow, lol.
I love to learn and through all of this, I have been teaching myself along the way, and I do take a little longer then someone who has used a computer more often. But I do feel very happy and have such a sense of accomplishment, when I am finally done with each task. I know they may seem like very small things to a more experienced blogger, but I have never been a very computer literate person.
I have been locked out of my accounts, and every so often, I was able to get back in. I have lost quite a few followers, and I am hoping to earn their trust back.
Finally, this morning, I was able to complete my domain name change! It went through this time, with some help from a very cool person in the Google/Blogger help forum!
I was so disappointed with Googles' phone support, and I was practically forced to start a free trial with some business account they offer, just so I could see a telephone number I could call for help.
They told me they had "no idea", and "we can't help you with that. That is not part of Google" Hmmm well, that didn't seem to make much sense to me, but I said, "Thank you" and hung up.
I scoured the internet for some sort of help, I emailed Blogger, over and over and over, and posted several questions on their help forums. All with no reply.
Then finally, the other night, someone offered their help, and I was finally able to get back up and running! I also am happy to know that I can use this info for the future if I ever have this situation happen again! ( I really hope I don't)
So, my week is very busy with doctor appts, errands, work, a meeting, and of course, kids. But, somewhere in between it all, I plan on catching up with all the awesome people at http://www.voiceboks.com/, and get more of my "couponing 101" finished.
Thank you to the readers I do have left. I apologize sincerely, for the gap between posts.
I wish I could jump and scream and run through the streets!

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