Monday, March 19, 2012

Free Gardening Club Magazine

You can click here to start your FREE 30 day trial and get your instant digital Gardening Club magazine!

You WILL be charged $1 per month, unless you cancel!
This is a good time to grab this freebie though, and although I personally steer clear of "free trials", this is an actual free trial, and even if you do forget to cancel the first month, if you even want to cancel, it is only $1.
When I sign up for free trials, I always mark my calendar on the 25th day, just in case I run into issues with customer service;p
This is well worth it, and could end up being a club you want to be a part of. I am probably going to stick with them and keep my membership.
Another thing to keep an eye on, they may send you books and items in the mail, with free trials. You can put, "return to sender" on these packages and put them right in your mailbox, and return shipping is free for you!
Always read the fine print on offers like this, I always do. I learned the hard way. (the cooking club, yikes;p) But I love gardening and am anxious to see if there are more tips and offers that are of interest to my children and myself, as we continue to learn more and more about gardening;p

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