Friday, October 14, 2011

Thred Up 1st Box Free! (just pay shipping)

Thred Up is a very cool site. You can pack boxes up of your kids outgrown clothes, toys, or books, list what you have, and wait for a taker!
Thred Up will send you the boxes, you fit in what you can, and list the contents. They will also offer you a printable label you can attach to the box! It is a fun way to get rid of your clutter, all the outgrown toys, and bags of clothes you can't find a home for!
Plus, when you ship a box, you get a credit for a box!
Boxes cost $5 and shipping, and if you sign up today, Thred Up, will give you your first box free! You have to still pay shipping, but the $5 fee will be waived!
You can shop for your box, or start listing your boxes!
Sign up here if you aren't already a member! It's free to join!

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