Friday, August 24, 2012

Formula Coupons 4 Mom

I found this adorable site, completely dedicated to only baby and baby formula coupons;) She also has a Facebook page, and I am hoping to see more from this busy mom!!
She posts all of the best coupons and deals she can find, and complies them all on one site just for other busy mommy's to grab. If you are a new mommy, new grandma, or expecting, I highly recommend following this blog!
It is super easy to navigate, and has an adorable banner and a contact page where you can contact her with any questions or formula reviews of your own!
There are also some very informative articles and tips, whether you breastfeed or use formula, who better to get advice and tips from then a fellow mom? There are also many deals posted on where to buy in bulk and how to save up to 45% off different brands of baby formula.
The coupons are updated by the month, and not just for formula either, she also has some for baby food, Gerber snacks and Gerber pouches. She does do an excellent job finding the best and most high value formual coupons out there, and all are linked for you to print when you have a chance!
I am hoping we can help get this site and Facebook page some more fans, and followers, and I would love to see her post more. She certainly has a knack for this and some expertise to share with other moms. I also notice she has had formula giveaways, so this is definitely something to check out as soon as you visit her page or her site!
There is a lot of potential there, and I am anxious to see more, especially so we can link up to her in the very near future;)

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