Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Roof Started Falling off of our Cute Little Mailbox House

When we bought our house about 7 years ago, one of the things that I loved the most was this adorable little mailbox across the street that looked just like our house. I never even had a mailbox before, since we always lived in the city, we always just had a mail slot, and nothing very charming!
Well, of course we are always repairing our house, and we are in need of a new roof, ugh! The funniest thing was, was that our little look alike mailbox started losing shingles from it's roof! It is in need of being replaced soon, I just love it to much and can't bear to part with it. The mail lady keeps putting the one shingle back up on the roof, lol, and it just comes back off...
We really don't live near many stores, or big cities, so most of our shopping is done online. Well, with the exception of most groceries and of course, coupon stuff. But, I saw an ad for this site that sells custom made mailboxes and address plaques (another thing we could use!)
We don't even have an address sign on the front or the back door, we just kind of tell people where our house sits, and then go through the whole deal with what colors, what is nearby, etc etc. I would love to have one for at least the front door.
We use the back door for our main door, (our house is set up very weird! ) It was an old inn, and even though we love it, mainly for it's quirkiness, it is a bit odd! It was an old inn and barroom, which was changed into a house with an apartment, and there are still some inn rooms upstairs, some even still have numbers on the doors! So, I found these super cute house signs and now I want one for the back part of the house!
As long as we get this roof fixed, I think I will be shopping quite a bit here, just to make my oddball, charming house, just a little bit more pleasant for the trucks that drive by. They can say, "Oh look! The need siding real bad, but check out that cute little house sign!" :)

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