Monday, February 6, 2012

Earn with Mypoints


I have been a member of Mypoints for about 6 years now, and I have been more then impressed with the offers, points system, gift cards, coupons, deals, and savings!
I have an account, and even my husband has an account with them, and I haven't used our household money for gifts for any holiday, since being a member! Plus, we usually set some gift cards aside and use those for when things break or when we need bed sheets, pots and pans, household items, etc.
It also has helped a great deal for when we are short on cash. We have relied on Walmart and Kmart gift cards for groceries and diapers, quite a few times!
Mypoints has so many ways to earn, and they also offer very big discounts and money off,when you shop through their links! They are partnered with several major retailers, and have a shopping tab which makes it much easier when your searching for the best cash back or points available when you shop!
You earn points for opening emails, points for surveys, they also even give you 10 points when you do not qualify for a survey! You can earn points just for printing coupons and redeeming them, and of course for shopping online, and for playing games, registering at other websites, (normally just for email newsletters, different brands, etc), and if you check the Mypoints home page each day, you will find several more ways to earn! They also have a search toolbar you can install, and earn through that as well!
The rewards available range from $10 gift cards to $100 gift cards. Of course if you redeem for a higher value gift card, it will be a much better deal, with needing less points for the higher you go.
Some of the retailers include, Kmart, Walmart, Gap, Old Navy, Bath and Body Works, Amazon, Paypal, Omaha Steaks, L.L Bean, Kohls, Sears, and lots more!
I would definitely recommend this site to anybody who would like to earn online, and I give them *****!!
Click the ad to sign up today! If you sign up, and are active with it, there is definitely a chance you will not be needing to worry about Christmas gifts, even school clothes! They do apply your points fairly quick, the norm for surveys, games and shopping is 30 days, but that is typical, considering returns and things. But once you start, you will start to see your points balance climb pretty fast!!!

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