Monday, February 6, 2012

More Vistaprint Deals!

Vista Print

I always order free samples from Vistaprint, and I especially love the business cards! You can get 250 free business cards, and they have a good variety of card designs to choose from!
Some designs may cost a little bit, and they do have other options for you, but to grab a free basic box of business cards, this is the place to grab them! They have the largest variety of designs and options for free, then any other company I have found.
You will need to pay for shipping!!
But you can get a few samples in one order, and when they arrive, you will get lots of 25% off coupons with your order!
When I go through and get the free Vistaprint samples, i normally pay $10 for shipping, and that will include a tablet, sticky notes, a pen and a box of business cards. Not a bad price at all!
Click the ad and see what they have to offer for your business, or even if you just want to order mommy cards! This is one of my favorite companies!!
**They will have several offers at the end before you place your order! Either take them or don't! You are not required or obligated to take any promotions or offers, in order to receive your free samples!**

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