Thursday, March 1, 2012

When Everything Falls Apart

I have been there a million times, I am sure you have some experiences that are similar, I can't think of anything more stressful then being broke. Especially when it is something that could be fixed with just a few small simple tricks. Of course, sometimes, there are bills and disasters, and repairs that are much bigger then what you can find in loose change, coupon savings, your already depleted savings accounts, and you already borrowed from your life insurance policy, and already have late payments on utilities and you can't make another interest payment on your car loan. That's when it gets really out of hand, and the arguments with your husband/wife start and everything starts to go out of control, and even though you may earn lots of gift cards on survey sites, like my husband always says, lol, "You can't pay bills with Kmart cards !" (Although I have to disagree, because the gift cards can free up cash and pay for groceries, clothes, toiletries, things that you won't have to use your cash for, lol, but that's our argument;p) I go crazy, sometimes literally, and it does always pile up, and as much as I try and see the end in sight, or the light at the end, it seems impossible!! We have started a neat new budget here, and my husband is a huge fan of Dave Ramsey, sometimes, a bit to much of a fan lol! But, even when everything is running smoothly, i get a call or a text from my husband that says, "waiting for a tow truck" or "something is leaking from the fuel tank" AAAHHH! We have a tractor trailer, so these repairs are our responsibility and can be very, very expensive! Then we have a windstorm, and the next day, our chimney cap is laying in the yard, and then my son gets diagnosed with Acid reflux and his medicine is pricey and not covered by insurance, it just keeps coming! The first issue is ok, and can be dealt with, then the second comes, and that's ok, but may hurt a bit, then the third, and well, it's just necessary, and then the homeowners insurance is due, and so is inspection, and the water bill and the sewer bill and all those goofy bills that don't come every month. That's when I start to panic. If one more thing goes wrong, we will be done! I usually don't stick with that mindset for to long, but it still drives me crazy! I have always taken a bit of pride in my ability to stay strong when times get tough, but that doesn't always show right at that moment. I always figure, as long as we have a roof, clothes, heat and food, we are perfectly fine! Well, our roof has been leaking for a few years now, and soon, that'll be an issue. We save and save for a new roof, which is very expensive due to the height and shape of our very odd house, but we always end up having to use that money to pay for other emergencies. Someday, hopefully before the roof falls in, we will have the money for a new roof. i have had to borrow money before, and as much as I hate to pay interest or fees, sometimes, if it will get us out of a serious bind, and it'll be cheaper then all of the charges, fees, and problems that will come from not getting my husbands truck fixed, not fixing the chimney, and so on, it is worth it, at least to me. Borrowing does come with a price, and that may hurt, but which will hurt worse? The part where my husband can't work, and loses income due to a broke down truck? Or is it cheaper to pay interest on a loan? I have in the past had to ask myself that question, and I always end up answering with, it would be cheaper,to borrow. I just like to have resources set up, and whether it is a last resource, or a 2nd too last resource, it is still a resource, and is still one step from a nervous breakdown, and for that,I will pay the interest fees. **Please read our disclosure statement!!**

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