Friday, November 18, 2011

Free Meal Planning!

I always wanted to start a site, or program, where I would have meal planning help, complete from the sales, coupons, and actual menu, all the way to the recipe!
I have been doing it this way at our house for a long time, and it is terribly time consuming! I know there are lots of moms who do not have the time for this every week or even every month!
But you would be surprised at how much money you save at the grocery store when you have your whole menu planned out, (I normally do ours by the week, but I usually have the meat and actual menu written out for the month).
I love buying those magnetized weekly menu tablets, I am almost out, so if anybody can help me find them again, please leave the links in the comment section! lol! I used to find them at the grocery store, but now I don't see them anymore. (Thank God for half price sales at the grocery store! I bought the last 5 they had almost a year ago)
Even I have fallen off course, plenty of times, which is the main reason I never did bother trying to start an actual website for this! I rarely have time to even take a 5 minute shower, much less plan a menu! I am sure most of you know exactly what I mean!
I just saw this website and thought, "Wow! What a lifesaver!" Plus, it is free to sign up! (They will charge $5 per month if you plan on doing more then what the free membership includes), but, that is nothing when you think about how many times per month you will save that $5 by sticking to a structured menu plan!
The kids love when I post the menu on the fridge, and I feel a lot less stressed, knowing I won't have to run around like a maniac last minute, trying to figure out, "Just what are we having for dinner?". I don't think there is anything I hate more then finding out last minute that I forgot to pick up that green pepper....
I don't live very near any grocery store, so even though I am there every week, and usually more then once per week, I love having a shopping list right next to my menu. That way, I can write out the menu, week by week, and then write all the items I will need, right next to it. I do go as far as either writing the list on a seperate piece of paper, and then organizing it by aisle at the store, (because if I don't do it that way, I WILL forget items!). Or, I will try and do it that way from the start. This works out well, when your menu isn't to elaborate, and you probably already have most of the items at home.
I always plan according to my favorite grocery store's deals, Boyers. They have the best meat deals around! Not only can I afford the best cuts of meat, but I can plan our whole month around what they offer in their $49 meat pack! Believe it or not, you can make this $49 pack last a whole month for a family of 6! I have done it! However, Boyers also has a weekly deal, 5 for $19.99! This is like getting 1 pack of meat free, and still saving a few bucks on top of it! (more about meat deals and Boyers and planning meat and meatless meals, in another post lol)
You should at least check this program out! It is free to use and sign up, and if you really find that it works for you, it really doesn't cost much at all! $5 a month for a bit more time to do something else, maybe take a shower? Lol!

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