Monday, November 21, 2011

CafeWell Race to the Moon

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Currently, you’re not involved in any challenges or goals. This is not a middle school dance. Participate. 
I was very interested in learning more about this program, and even more excited about it when I visited the website to see what it was about this program that has already been successful.
I signed up with Cafewell's Race to the Moon, which I have to say was super easy and quick! You can sign up much quicker through your Facebook account!
I love the program ideas, challenges, and ease of navigation through their social network. Plus the blogs, and challenges are informative and have witty and funny sayings, for instance, the first one I read and had to laugh at;
"Currently, you’re not involved in any challenges or goals. This is not a middle school dance. Participate."  """
That was funny, and how true. What is stopping anybody from taking a few challenges? A few ways to get into shape whether it's walking, eating healthier, or joining a gym?
There are so many benefits to eating healthier and walking each day. You would be leading your children on the right track by being a healthy role model to them! You could take the kids out after dinner for a peaceful walk, and talk about their day at school, while getting into shape. The lessons instilled in them would last a lifetime, and they would carry this on to their children!
Race to the Moon is there for anybody to sign up with, unfortunately, I am not a member of HealthAmerica, otherwise, I would be entitled to a free electric pedometer, AND the chance to win awesome prizes!
But I can still sign up with Cafewell's social network, and take challenges, read the blogs, and learn about how I can get more involved in the quality of my health. There are several communities, complete with coaches, support, help, and information. You can read the blogs, or start your own! You can even start your own challenges, and invite friends, family, and coworkers to join.
Cafe Well
One of my favorite features is the "Symptom Checker", and the "Health Encyclopedia". I don't know about you, but I am constantly online looking for reputable information about all kinds of health issues and concerns, especially for my children! So, I was delighted to see this on my personal home page!
You can join as many communities as you wish, and they have practically every health concern listed, so if you are concerned or have been diagnosed with anything from cancer, to diabetes, to pain management. (If you know me, or read my blogs, you know pain management is an important one for me, so I am signing up with this one first!)
It is free, and easy to use, and you are in complete control of what you take on for challenges, what communities you would like to join, and you can be on your way to a much healthier lifestyle right away!
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I love the idea of starting your own challenges and blog and inviting your friends, family and coworkers, to join you in your own community!
I am working on starting a walking for your health challenge for my family members, and I would also like to start a "Food Pyramid" challenge for my family. Although I may wait until after the holidays for the food challenge, lol!
This is a very important part of life, especially if you want to keep fit, active, healthy, and live longer! What better gift to give this holiday season? Sign up for free today and start a challenge and invite your friends! Plus, if you are a HealthAmerica member, you can order the free electronic pedometer, and have a chance to win great prizes! I wish I was a member, what a cool incentive for something that benefits me and my family! But I am grateful enough for Cafewell's social network, and the information I already have found!
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