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How to NOT Spend Your Money on Christmas Gifts (Pt 2)

There are a lot more ideas I would like to share, so I will have a 3rd and possibly a 4th part to this "series" as well.
As always, I love comments, and would be more then happy to have any feedback, any ideas, anything you can do or have done, to earn money to help with Christmas. (or of course anything you may need money for, Christmas is just the next big thing most of us are trying to figure out! lol)
Besides what I already posted, there are online ways to earn this "money", in the form of free products, gift cards, Pay Pal payments, and checks.
Before I start with the online earning, I would like to recommend sites like, and, if in fact you have things to sell, you make something you can sell, and if so, think about starting a Facebook page for your "business", to keep customers happy, active, and attract new customers.
I will discuss survey sites and points sites in this post.
Some of the products you purchase may have points on them somewhere inside the package. These points can be redeemed for free toys, dvds, coupons, deals, gift cards, all sorts of things!
I do have my favorite product point deals listed under the "earn" tab above, but I will add the links here as well. Some of these products will also offer free points throughout the year, for new and already established accounts!
Pampers Gifts to Grow, is a very fun one to be a part of! They have great gifts and items to choose from, and they are always adding promo codes for us to rack up our point balances.
Recyclebank is another great way to earn points to exchange for free products, awesome deals on online shopping, and gift cards! This is a great site, and they have lots of partners, Kashi, Ziploc, Kmart, Walmart, Best Buy, and much more! They offer ways to earn points through watching short videos, taking tests on the videos, entering codes from Kashi boxes, and so on. I actually just turned my points in for 3 $2 off any Kashi product printable coupons!!!
I am sorry for the odd typing here, lol, my 1 year old, Deegan, just came and hit a few keys, and now I have no idea where to fix this.....
Hmm, I apologize, the wierd letters are still here. lol.
Anyway, Mycokerewards, is another cool points site, where you can turn in points for gift cards, coupons for free products, or various dvds and gifts. They change the rewards up rather often, so you should check back often!
Huggies, is another site where you redeem the points found on the wipes and diapers you buy, for various items!
These are just a few examples, please share if you have any points programs you belong too! You can also find more info on these under my "earn" tab.
Next in today's post, are survey sites. These are also listed under my "earn" tab above, and I will list some here with links.
Some pay out much better then others, and some pay you for just opening emails, registering at other sites for newsletters, and some pay you to complete tasks. The choice is yours, and you do not have to participate in everything. There are some that I use just for cash back on shopping and opening emails. Then there are some I use just for the surveys and to print out coupons. They normally pay you at least 10 cents, per coupon printed and redeemed!
There are always many, many, ways to use these types of sites to their fullest, and please do not be discouraged if it seems like the few cents you earn from opening an email, does not seem to add up as fast as you would like it too. The more active you are, the quicker it will add up!
Even if you only earn $50 every 3 months, or even every 6 months, with some of these sites, it is still extra money in your pocket that you did not have!
Some rules of caution before I give you the links for the sites I personally have experience with, and trust,
1) If it sounds to good to be true, IT IS!!!! A lot of the time, you will receive an email from the survey sites' affiliates, offering say, a $1000 Walmart card if you complete offers, STAY AWAY!! Go ahead and open the email, to earn the credit, but close it back out right away. I have not had any issues with viruses, I just simply mean, do NOT give any info to these types of affiliates!
2)Open a new email, strictly for your new job, you will receive lots of emails on a daily basis, and you should have an email solely for these types of emails! You will get far behind, and possibly lose your personal emails in the process!
3)Do NOT give your cell phone number to any affiliate sites you may receive through your paid emails! If you read the fine print, they will in fact, send you so many text messages per day or month, BUT charge a subscription fee on your cell phone once a month! Yes, even if you have unlimited text message plans! I have given my number to a few of the original sites that I have the actual account with, and I have never had an issue. Very rarely do they demand your cell number, it is normally an option.
4)NEVER give your bank info!! This includes, savings account, checkings account, debit cards and credit card numbers!! NONE of the legitimate sites will demand these numbers, nor will they ask for them! They will either pay you in the form of a check, a Pay Pal payment, or mail you gift cards.
Of course if you receive an offer that says something like, "Shop at Old Navy! Earn 11% cash back through our link!" Go ahead, and give Old Navy your account information! They are a legitimate site!!
5)Never ever pay for any of these types of sites! A legitimate site will never ask you for any types of monetary investments! You may have to pay a few bucks in fees when you request payments in a check form, but this is normal, and they take the amount out of your earnings.
6) Keep in mind, a lot of product testing is done through these sites! Do not be discouraged if you do not qualify for surveys all the time! Some sites will still pay you a few cents or a few points, just for trying! But please take as many of the surveys as you can! You never know when 1 my pop up and ask you to test and review and keep a product!!
I will list the links for the sites that I presently use, and have seen payments from! With the exception of the last 2, ( I just started these within the last couple months!)
Mypoints This 1 is one of my very favorite sites! I highly recommend this program!
Inbox Dollars I have received monthly checks from this program!
Send Earnings Very similar to Inbox Dollars!
Creation Rewards This one is very cool! Lots of ways to earn here, and the payouts are the fastest of them all! Be sure to check out the home page each day for trivia, emails to open, daily points you can earn, and if you listen to the Electric FM station, through your computer, you can earn tons of points! Just for listening!! I use this site for Amazon cards, which they will send you very quick, through an email!
Opinion Outpost This is a fast payout program as well!
Treasure Trooper A very intersting and very fun site!
Inbox Pays This one sends lots of emails to open and seems to have the highest payout per email!
Cash Crate Check in every day to earn a few cents just for clicking "Check In"!, they offer a lot of ways to earn here!
Zoompanel Tons of survey offers!
Springboard America I normally get a couple surveys per month here
Superpoints This is one I am fairly new with, but this is a very awesome site and program!!
Crowd Tap I am fairly new here to, but very pleased with the way this site is set up, and the amount of offers!
Cash Crate
Treasure Trooper
If I am missing any, I will fill them in later! I do have these listed above, under the "earn" tab!
As with almost everything, things do take time and work. Your only investment here, will be, time. However, if you are pretty active with these sites, there are a few who will pay you fast enough, you should be able to receive some in time for Christmas!
Also, if your husband or wife, bf or gf, lives with you, most of these programs allow 2 accounts per household, as long as you have different email addresses!
Again, if anybody has anything to add, please feel free to comment with your blog or social media page links, and your ideas or advice, or questions!
I will be posting another segment tomorrow, part 3 will be, ways to earn money as a site owner or blogger!

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