Friday, July 1, 2011

3 kids, 3 stores, and a coupon binder...

yesterday did not go as planned;p
it is a little rough taking 3 small kids to run errands, and especially to run in and out of 3 different stores with a coupon binder and a list!
i had everything planned out, and CVS was our first stop.
CVS has tons of awesome deals this week, and i had a good size list, and plenty of coupons!!
i pushed the baby in the cart and pretended to not care that the other 2 were in the toy aisle, ( we never buy toys there, they are much to expensive;p)
luckily, everything i needed was in stock, and i was quite pleased because this never happens so late in the week.
i figured i would wait until i was in line, and then open my binder and pull out the coupons. everything went well, and in my head, i figured my bill to be around $15, after all of my coupons. it ended up being a little more then i thought, and the kids were running and giggling and driving me nuts by this point. so, i paid and let it go.
i finally ripped their litle hands away from the candy and gum, and got them all out the door, in the truck, and we started down the road to Wal Mart.
then i realized, that there were 2 coupons i had, 1 for $3 off 2 Pantene, and 1 for $4 off 2 Advil!! that was driving me nuts! i couldnt believe paid full sale price for these items, and i could not believe i never gave the cashier these coupons!!
i plan on going back again before the sale is up, and doing it the right way this time, and alone!! lol.
well, we get into Wal Mart, and the skipping and giggling and yelling, "mom! puhllllllllllease, can we look at toys?" absolutely not, because we were on a very strict budget, (coupon only day), and there was not anything leftover, nor did the behavior i was treated with, deserve such a treat;p
we managed to get in and out of there in 20 minutes, a record for us! my bill was $5 after coupons, (i had a lot of free coupons!!) and we were on our way to the neighborhood grocery store, Boyers.
i love this store!! they have the best deals, they definately beat the much larger chain stores, AND they double coupons!! they will double all of your coupons, even if you have 15 75 cents off coupons for the same item!! tons of buy 1 get 1 free items and very nice discounts!!
plus, this store is the halfway point, to HOME!!
well, we are almost there, and Genevive decides to start crying and tell me that she left her Disney Tinkerbell tiara all the way back at, she thinks, CVS!
so, i called there and asked if anybody had turned this in, and the answer was, NO. so, Aaron told me he thinks he kinda sorta remembers where it might be. lol. i drove the whole way back, walked in the store, retracing a 4 year old girls footsteps, and found it in the toy aisle.
Thank goodness;p
now we are on our way back to Boyers, and everything is just dandy again.
that trip took about 30 minutes, which wasnt to bad since the last had about 25 items on it, some being from the deli.
i saved $65 in coupons there, and paid $32 after all of the coupons were taking off;p
i will be starting to post my lists and receipts online. i will have them in my Blogfrog Community, Busymommylist, and you should be able to find my community, by clicking on the widget on the right hand side of my page;p

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