Monday, July 11, 2011

What do you do with the kids when it is much to hot to go outdoors?

It is a scorching 97 degrees where we live, and as funny as it sounds, it is to hot and humid to even swim in the pool!
The weather report is saying that this will get worse as the week goes on!
So, we are stuck indoors for the time being. I do have a few errands to run in a bit. (Cvs, Boyers, groceries, and my husband is out of Prilosec)I am dreading walking out the door, and having the humidity make it hard to breathe!
I am not a fan of air conditioning, I love the smell of fresh air, and open the windows as much as I can, year round;p My husband hates this, and loves to be frozen to death all summer with the air conditioners, and has them on the entire time he is home.
Well, now I have 4 kids stuck in the house! HELP ME!! The 18 year old, Bethany, is pretty content with her laptop at the moment. The other 3 have been making such a mess, tearing the house apart, bickering and tattling, and basically,just driving me up the wall!
Luckily, we have A lot of crafts, and coloring books, and games, and quite a few fun things to do when they are all restless.
But I believe that this evening, after I am forced outside, by the very thirsty vegetable garden, and screaming flowers, lol, I am going to take the kid recipie book off the shelf, and we will make some snacks and treats!
mMy kids love to creat things, make messes, cook, and do experiments. Anything that has to do with glue, paint, chocolate, sugar, or play doh, is accepted with open arms.
The time spent with them, is something I wish I had more time to do, they really enjoy being together and having a good time,and tend to behave much better when we are occupied!
Not to mention that the homemade Crispix mix and Rice Krispie treats, are much cheaper and taste better!
Do you have any fun recipes you and your children enjoy making together? What plans do you have in your part of the world this week? Are you stuck indoors like we are?
Please post any links to your blog, website, anywhere you may have your favorite recipe! I will be posting our recipes we decide on later!


  1. Sounds like you have it under control. I tend to venture out in the mornings and be home by noon when the heat is really unbearable...then there is a movie...even if out for a little while, it breaks up the day....I loved when my kids were that age...of course now they are grown, but doing things with grandkids presents the same problems....our park has sprinklers, that helps...but sometimes just staying home, messing up the house

  2. Oh yes, when I was a kid, any kind of craft or cooking made me happy! I prefer open windows to air conditioning, too, but my husband likes to live in an icebox. :) Thanks for visiting my blog!

  3. Thank you for the comment! I agree, sometimes a messy house is ok. lol. I have been finding myself really missing snow days lately!

  4. I always loved crafts and cooking as a kid too!
    are all husbands this way?
    Thank you very much for the comment!