Monday, July 11, 2011

Advertising on blogs

Is this actually something that we can earn a substantial amount through?
I am working on getting more affiliates for companies and products that my family love and uses, and I am just curious as to what to expect for income purposes?
I am assuming I need a large amount of followers, and clicks, etc. But I am fairly new on this blog, and will be getting bigger, ( I hope;p), and I would love to hear how others do with advertising.........


  1. You can totally make money with advertising. That really is the key to making money with a blog. You can also join blog networks that connect you with brands and do a lot of the work for you. I have ads on my website and I am part of a blog network that helps me out. I sell ads by 125 x 125 slots, banners, and 300 x 250. I use an ad manager called OIOPublisher - here is a link to that: I dont know if it works on blogger (i have wordpress) but it should. Some of the blog networks I belong to are Clever Girls Collective, One 2 One. You should also go to VoiceBoks and post your website there if you havn't already. Its an amazing way to get blog traffic!

    Anyways, hope that helps...saw your post on theBlogFrog and wanted to hop over and help you out =)

    Oh and here is my site by the way:

  2. Thank you very much for the advice and links!! I will be visiting these sites asap! Thanks again;p

  3. That is a good response. I've turned on ad sense for blogger. Not much traffic yet but I've made about $.11 !!!!
    Soon it will be enough for a small fry from McDonald's {g}

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