Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Catching Up

I am terribly sorry for not checking in, yet again. It seems I may have found someone to help build my website, and possibly help with logos;p So, I have been busy working on these things for the past week.
We also had A very horrific trauma occur, (not a family member, but after this very sad tragedy, he will be remembered by all of us each day)
His name was Lloyd Drusch Kreiser, age 74, passed away on Thursday, July 14th.
I had just parked the truck, and started to unload the groceries, and all of the kids were outside. My husband was in and out of the garage, and it was quite a pleasant day outside.
Our 4 year old, Genevive, was over at the end of the yard by the fence, watching cars go by, I was arguing with our 7 year old, Aaron, and the baby, Deegan, was playing in the grass. (our oldest, Bethany, was already en route to her boyfriends house;p)
A scooter rode by, (the motorcycle kind), and stopped at the stop sign. As that was happening, a tractor trailer came pretty fast up the hill (the sped limit changes from 35 to 45 right by my house, and unfortunately, the trucks and every other vehicle, try their best to gain speed for the high mountain road up ahead.)
I saw this particular truck fly by, and thought for a second, "wow, that was a bit to fast!" Not even a second later, a crash, terrifying noises I'd rather not hear again.
Originally, I thought he was going that fast, he must have hit a pole, or even something busted off, fell off, whatever. Genevive, started to cry, and i stopped arguing with Aaron and took Deegan with me to see what was wrong.
Well what I saw was, my husband in the middle of the road with his cell phone, a man lying on the road, helmet, scooter, and a few people standing around in shock.
Genevive made a very eerie statement, smiling between her tears, as she told me, "Look mommy! that nice man is a princess now! look at him! he is flying in the clouds" That statement alone made me shiver, and i grabbed her and gave her a giant hug, and tried as best as I could to get the kids inside the house.
By this time, the usual gawkers, neighbors, and passersby, had gathered close to the road. I saw my husband reach down to the man on the road as he continued on with his call.
It seemed like it took forever until help finally arrived. (we do live in a very rural area), but it seemed so long and now there were plenty more people around. Some in tears, some hysterical,and others just being the usual ridiculously rude, gawkers.
I was trying to help our older neighbor, Helga, she was not doing well with this at all, and I tried my best to keep her away, but I had to get my kids taken care of and in the house again as well.
The paramedics arrived, the state police, fire police, etc, and the helicopter was closeby when it landed.
Lloyd Drusch Kreiser. passed as he was being taken to the helicopter. (the paramedics say he did have a faint pulse)
The truck driver had walked down to the scene of the accident from where he parked, and as far as i know, and from what I've read, has not been charged with a thing.
So, I will keep my thoughts (somewhat), to myself, about the law, the very messy and very hard to see intersection by my house, and the truck driver
What I can tell you is, that my husband has been having an extremely hard time with all of this, and had to leave for work shortly afterwards. He was a nervous wreck, as he was the only person to stand with this man until help arrived. Other then a pastor, who had happened to have been parked in the line of traffic. He came up the road with Lloyd, and my husband, to read him his last rites.
My family is still in shock, somewhat of a mess, and so horribly sad for the loss of from what we found out, a very well respected, loved, and cared for man, who had a huge heart, would help anybody, and has a large family, and tons of friends.
That night, cars would pull alongside my house, his friends and family would walk up to the road, and some stopped by, to ask if their loved one had said anything. I could do nothing but cry and cry, and tell them I was so sorry. I listened to their stories of how great of a man Lloyd (Drusch) was, and was sad that I had not known him myself.
I do not believe my husband will ever be over what had happened that day, of course, neither will his family.
He will never be forgotten, and be forever grieved for at our house also.

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