Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Useful Tips (Thanks to Parents Magazine)

I had a stack of magazines I have been trying to get through, and I spent a couple hours last night, paging through a lot of them and copying recipes, and interesting websites.
I got to the October issue of Parents magazine, and they have some real cute Halloween recipes that I plan on making with my kids!
I found an article titled, "It Worked For Me!", and this is one of the best articles I have read in a long time!
I love tips and pointers and this issue has a lot! From all the years they have been a magazine, they share some of the best tricks they received from moms!
I am posting my favorite tips here!
Put a marshmellow in the bottom of an ice cream cone, to avoid leaks! (wow! That is an awesome and very creative idea!)
Fill a beanbag chair cover with all those annoying stuffed animals lying around your house! (LOL! I need this asap!)
Save the cardboard from wrapping paper, and paper towels, to keep your children's artwork nice and neat!
Tie dye your babies onsies and little clothes, when they have spit up stains that won't come out in the wash!
This mom had a super fun idea on how to toilet train her 2 year old; Place several drops of food coloring in the toilet before he goes to the bathroom. He/she will learn their colors, and have fun watching the color changes!
Do your kids hate to eat the ends of the loaves of bread? Mine do lol!
This cool tip from a mom says that she uses them to make grilled cheese, with the crust side in the inside of the sandwich. Your kids will never know!

If you don't have Parents magazine, or you want to read more then 1200 tips from moms like us, (or dads and grandparents), you can click here to read more!

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