Wednesday, September 7, 2011

One Crazy Morning! Help Me!!

I woke up this morning, I believe it was 4am, (as usual), with overbearing pain in my legs, again, as almost every morning. So, I made a pot of coffee and figured i would try and figure out more of my blogging adventure.
It's hard to move at first in the morning, thanks to charly horses, restless leg syndrome, and whatever else decides to pop up in the middle of the night. It has been raining and raining here, and our forecast shows nothing but 6 more days of rain. So, I'm not looking forward to this since the RSD and arthritis seem to get much worse in this type of weather.
Coffee and some of my hundreds of prescriptions, do seem to help a little bit, and more recently I found, so does a very hot shower!
I thought ok, I have a few hours to get my blog work done, finish my grocery list, get the coupons and binder in order, and start my weekly and daily to do list.
That is what I thought until 3 little kids decided to change all of these plans!
15 minutes after waking up, Deegan, (he's 1), started running through the house, yelling. "mom! MOM!!!", so I picked him up, squeezed and kissed him, changed his diaper, gave him a little bottle of milk, and laid him on my bed.
My room is where the computer sits, and next to that, is Aaron's room. I started hearing moaning and very soft crying almost immediately, and went over to see what was going on. He was tossing and turning and crying all at once, while holding his belly. Well, this type of behavior and belly holding kind of freak me out. For some reason, I have a real issue with hearing about these appendicitis outbreaks, so I never ever take bellyaches very lightly. Especially when they are paired up with crying, then wailing, and then the best parts start...........
Aaron is 8, and in 2nd grade. He is still a big mommy boy, lol, and when he is sick, he is very sick, and really needs his mommy! I grabbed a bowl, and some tissues, hard candy, soda with crushed ice, and a blanket. He was in the bathroom for quite some time, and came out saying he felt better, can he go to school? I thought, well hopefully this will pass and in a few hours, he will be alright for school. Aaron laid on my bed and fell asleep and seemed to be doing ok.
By this time, Genevive, (she is 4, and normally the first, very early riser of the day!), woke up. She does tend to be a little loud early in the morning, and no matter what time it is, she wants to have her hair brushed, breakfast, new clothes on, lol, she is wide awake and ready for her day!
Out of nowhere, Aaron wakes up. jumps out of bed, and well, I'll spare you the details....
It is now after 8, all 3 are awake, Aaron is brushing his teeth for I believe the third time, and taking his second shower of the morning, the poor little guy. Genevive is all dressed and watching Spongebob Squarepants. Deegan is running through the house, trying to climb on the table, the chairs, the bench, and trying his hardest to reach some Goldfish crackers, yes, already!
This is why I have been saving the drafts for this post for a couple hours. I type a few sentences, then i hear "MOM!", from somewhere, and I need to try my best to walk through the house and try to find all the kids, and gather them in one room!
If Aaron doesn't get any better in a few more hours, I will be calling the doctor. I also will be going to the store to grab some ginger ale and more ice.

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  1. All of my kidlets got the tummy bug over the holiday weekend. I homeschool three girls, ages 13 11, and 8 (going on 40). I hope that all of your loves are doing better. I have had nothing but rain here for days, and there will be more.