Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sign up with Kelloggs for Coupons and Special Promotions

One of the first things you should do as a couponer, whether beginner or pro, is make sure you sign up with your favorite brands websites, and get their daily or weekly newsletters!
I signed up with several brands, and I did use a different email address, rather then my personal email.
But these companies will really take care of you! Especially if you are an avid reader of their newsletters, and you take advantage of the coupons and deals and promos they offer to their community members.
On top of receiving links to printable coupons, you will probably be receiving coupons in the mail, and samples of new products!
I will be starting a series of the best brand websites around. This week I am spotlighting Kelloggs.
Of course you have heard of them, and you certainly had something they make inside your home, this is an awesome company and they are a huge hit with the lil ones!
I signed up with the Kelloggs website a couple years ago, and I receive a good amount of coupons and very cool recipes in my weekly newsletter! I am quite happy with the amount of savings I receive from them, and I do enjoy the website where you can access all of the rebates, mail in promotions, track your orders and rebates and much more!
If you do purchase any Kelloggs products, you should sign up here to start receiving offers!
I will also have this posted under my "Couponing 101" tab, (which I am working on, lol, it just has been very time consuming), I add a little each day, and then I hope to have the ebook finished some time early next year.
In the meantime, until that is all complete, you are more then welcome to ask any questions here or through any of my social media pages!
Also, don't forget to always check at the bottom of the page, for the latest printable coupons!!

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