Monday, September 26, 2011

What are These Flowers Called????

I did our garden and flowers different this past spring, and didn't even know what half of what is growing, or grew, even is!
I thought it would be fun to try and have new things and try new fruits and vegetables, and I just had tons of seeds, some of things I have never heard of!
Well, these real pretty flowers that I thought were dead all year, have recently started to bloom! I think they are absolutely gorgeous and I have never seen these flowers before, and I need to find out what exactly they are so I can get some more for next year!
They started blooming from a plant that was long gone, at least that's what I thought. All of a sudden, these orange and yellow flowers started popping up all over the place! This picture is from last week, and there are lots more since then.
If you can help me with this garden dilemma, I would appreciate this very much!!
Please let me know what they are called so I can plant more of them next year!
Whatever these are, they are almost my favorite flower, lol. But I have always loved sunflowers, so I don't think I can ever change that! My sunflowers, by the way, are doing wonderful this year too!

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