Thursday, April 26, 2012

Can You Imagine FREE TV for the Rest of Your Life??

I have a big problem with paying such an enormous amount of money for television. Especially when I have to buy bigger packages to get channels like kids networks, cartoons, I mean, why do I have to get the top package, just so I can have decent TV shows for my children, and then also have another hundred channels I really don't use or care for? Our main thing is the Scifi channel, a lot of kids channels, HBO (we are big boxing fans), and VS (hockey fans to lol), and we do purchase PPV boxing events. So, a lot of the cheaper options that are available, really don't offer these things, so I continue to pay Directv each month and I really can't stand the amount of money we pay. Although I must admit, we have shopped around, and really can't find acceptable prices elsewhere. (between satellite and cable companies only)
So, I found this site and I am really serious about switching everything because it isn't like when the satellite and cable companies raise their prices, that I'm getting any richer! But if we cut back on channels, for some reason, we lose what we really want!
You have to pay a one time fee which is under $50 and I can have over 3500 channels available to me, for good, for free! This is crazy, and although it's through a computer, you can in fact stream to your TV! So, with a one time investment, (the $50 for the service and then whatever you need to have these channels stream to your TV) you can be on your way to absolute freedom from the ridiculous prices we get stuck paying each month!
Of course you have to keep your internet connection, but that is way cheaper then having to keep your satellite or cable bill! If you pay $100 a month, that would free up $1200 per year!! That is quite a cool deal:)
I have been reading reviews and comments about this service, and so far all I have read is that it is amazing and a huge money saver!! i have to investigate a bit more, just to see if boxing and live hockey games are still going to be available to me, but this will be something, once our TV's are in compliance, that we get here in our house.
You can check out this list of free TV that is offered through your computer already!

Please leave any comments about your experience with this site, the service or any free Tv websites you have found or watch!
PS I went to make a purchase or at least see what the price is exactly, ad it comes up as $49.95, a one time fee!! But, I noticed there are sometimes deals where this cost $29.95!! You really have to check it out!! Let me know through comments or email if you have it, or get it!!

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