Saturday, April 14, 2012

Roadrunner Digital

I love this site!!
They offer lots of eBooks, all kinds! Anything from learning how to play the piano, to car care, to cookbooks, and they even have a "Specials" tab!
They also have a Facebook page
There are tons of blogging how to's, affiliate blogging, how to publish to Wordpress, lots to help the small business blogger, mom blogger, new blogger and even seasoned bloggers! (These are definitely the eBooks I am interested in grabbing!!)
Not to mention, there are eBooks on web design and graphics, SEO, Ebay profit pack, and a graphics generator!
I also like the cookbooks and homeschooling and education books.
There are virtually hundreds of eBooks, scripts, software and videos, with instant downloads. I guarantee there is something here for everyone.
I do enjoy buying books like this, since they are delivered instantly right to your email, and that means no shipping fees.
You should check them out. I am happy with this site and with the variety of eBooks they have available!!

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