Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Penny Auctions

Have you ever signed up for these penny auction programs online?
I did try a few and I wasn't to happy with the cost of bids, how they work and so on. I did find a couple very legitimate penny auction sites and this one in particular is quite unique, because you are allowed to buy out the actual product you are bidding on!
This site offers lots of bonuses! For instance, if you start an account, you get 10 free bids right away! You also can be entered in an Early Bird Drawing, and you could win an iPad3 just for signing up!
The best bonus in my book is, when you buy your first bid pack, you get a 25% bonus on your first bid pack.
They also have a Buyout Button, which means if you miss out on an auction for something you would have loved to win, you can actually click the Buyout Button, and this will discount the item 100% value of the bids placed.
They do offer a pretty cool variety of products and name brands and I have seen some items go for a very low price or bids.
Bidskey.com, is one of the few so far that I have found that actually works, is fun and won't cost a fortune. Plus the extra perks are awesome when you sign up!!

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