Friday, April 27, 2012

Network Marketing VT

I always find websites that promise valuable information that will make you rich quick and give you some top of the line leads and they only cost hundreds of dollars or even thousands! That's when I immediately leave the page, and consider it a scam. Of course I would figure I have to pay something for guides and books and maybe webinars that will teach me the proper way to earn money online, and teach me how I can get opportunities to work with actual companies, this I figure is simply advice, and I will pay for that I think, just as I would, if need be, advice from an attorney, or a doctor!
I have had a rough first year with blogging, and I enjoyed every minute of it! Yes, I have a few companies that I place ads for and yes, if ever there was a sale that was made through my links, I would receive a small percentage from that sale as a commission. I also place ads for reputable companies and even coupons that I consider high value or worth my time and yours and sometimes there is a 2 cent or 5 cent payment for each person who clicks through the link I provide. I consider this my payment for my work that I put into this, and I do have to pay for some of the services I use in order to have a better blog, receive advice from more seasoned bloggers, and to be a part of some communities who help get your blog out there. So, I haven't really received much, and I have no problem saying this, nor do I have a problem saying that there are affiliate links and promotions that I post that if clicked, i will get paid. Most bloggers have this all over their blogs and newsletters as well. It's our job.
With that being said, there are people who are out to make a nice profit online, I see nothing wrong with that, and I will help the reputable ones, by linking and promoting their trustworthy sites.
This company is one of those reputable ones,
and I will be upfront with you, it will cost you a little, I mean, they have to make money too! On top of that, you are given quite an enormous amount of information and experience from a very awesome company that has been around for awhile and works with thousands of people each day! $98 is what your 1 time fee will be, and with that you are given the tools and lifelong partnership needed to help you earn from the internet.
The other good thing I have found with this specific company is, their products. You simply sell their books and guides on marketing, placing ads, and there are so many opportunities! I have to really personally save for an investment like this, but this is one of those things I find that I sincerely believe is well worth it. I just wish they accepted payments:)
Even still, just like starting a direct selling business with Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, Tastefully Simple, you are required to pay an upfront fee. Yes, some take payments, and some will offer you a hefty discount if you sell a pretty big amount. But $98 is not a lot when you consider what you receive and what you may profit.
I also consider the worthiness of the product, and this is something millions are trying to learn and obtain and advertising and marketing online is a major, major, MAJOR money maker for lots of people. So, with a good company, a reputable company, not a get rich quick scheme, and with actual products that are going to sell themselves while you sleep, literally, $98 to me, is actually less then what I would expect to be asked to pay.
You can check them out here,
and they also offer a webinar at no cost, so that you can see for yourself what
they can help you obtain!
If you have any experience with this company, I would love to hear what experiences you have with them! Did you sign up? Watch the webinar? I'm very curious because like I mentioned above, I am saving for this myself, so I am anxious to hear what you have to say!

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