Monday, June 11, 2012

CreditSesame - Win $250 Plus Free Credit Score!

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What does Credit Sesame do?
Credit Sesame is a free online personal finance tool that gives consumers an easy way to monitor and manage their credit and loans all in one place and save money on debt. It provides consumers with free access to their credit score every month, analysis, advice and tools to take control of their finances, unlock their credit potential and borrow smarter. The greatest perk of Credit Sesame, it’s 100% Free! They don’t require a credit card, and there are no trial periods.
$250 is what you can win by signing up with Credit Sesame. But you can save even more by using them as well!

How to Enter?

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Credit Sesame. Contest ends June 22, 2012. A random winner will be selected by June 30, 2012. Official Rules can be found at


  1. Hi Brandy, this is Roger from Euro Elite and I just wanted to inform you that anyone who says that they can give you a free credit score every month is either not legit or is misleading you. Aside from my many enterprises, I also work in real estate and I work with peoples credit, in fact I see many credit challenged people on a daily basis. A true credit score from any of the 3 credit reporting agencies, the scores all consumer lending agencies use, has to be certified by an accounting firm. These companies, such as the one you are mentioning here, do not certify their scores, therefore they may not be accurate and are in reality deducting points for every-time the report is pulled (monthly). Frankly and with all due respect, I would not support a company such as this one. Sorry RS.

  2. I appreciate your comment and that you took the time to leave this!!
    I have never had trouble with this specific company checking my credit scores in the past , which is why I will post about them. I previously mentioned that they will contact you on occasion about mortgages, loans, etc. Which is where I always assumed they receive their $.
    My husband and I are self employed, and we try our best to stay up on our credit scores, especially since some fraud and identity theft, and I normally just use the 3 credit bureaus and receive our scores from them, whether online or in the mail.
    So far, our scores have been fairly accurate from this company, and they haven't knocked down our scores. But, that is just us, and I do understand what you are saying and there are several places I will not post for due to my experience and my readers comments, which is why i will have to take this down, as I always say, if ANYBODY reports an issue, and after further investigating, (just me simply searching online, lol!) but if I find others who say the same, well, then I just can't share their ads, products or services.
    Upon my research, I have found other posts across the internet saying the same, and whether I can say for sure, I would rather just let the company go;)
    So, thanks, as I appreciate the comment, and info!!