Saturday, June 16, 2012

Raise College Going Kids

I came across a very cool site, that is filled with all kinds of tips, a free webinar,"The 10 Secrets Every Parent Must Know about College Admissions, Scholarships and Financial Aid" a video, (delivered to your inbox for free and will be your choice to choose what you would like to pay!!) They have excellent and informative info that all parents will find helpful!!
Seriously though, they actually say that they send you the info first, and you look it over, and if you find that you gained a lot from it, then you choose how much you would like to pay:)
I enjoy reading their blog and you can also find them on Facebook
and you can sign up for their webinar here!!
If you want to sign up for the comprehensive child school safety program, you can sign up here, again, at no fee, unless you decide it was valuable and you can then choose how much it was worth to you!

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