Monday, June 18, 2012

Patio and Porch Gardens

We have had a garden, small garden, every year for the past 6 years now. (Since we became the proud owners of a um, house that needs some love and work;)
We moved away from the city and wanted to get a house we could call our own. Whether it needs and needed lots of work and has lots of things that break and fall apart.
Anyway, I sometimes cheat a little bit and go to a market close to where our doctor's office is, and grab some already made vegetables and flowers and fruits, lol! I love the kind that are in the hanging baskets and have already been started! Plus, my main reason behind this?? They are super cheap this time of year! They start them, take care of them, water them, most already have fruits and vegetables on them, and you just drive them home and pretend you did all the work;)
We do start our own each year, I love growing our own, there is really nothing better then shopping for your dinner out in your own yard! AND it is super cheap and tastes much better then store bought!
So, I found these "Patio Vegetables and Fruits" at the market, and I will be going past thee again this week after a test at the hospital.I just want to get 1 more for me, and a few for my mom, who really doesn't have much of a yard and lives in the city.
I never realized they had these available, and I didn't know Burpee made certain fruits and vegetables that need less sunlight and can grow with half the amount!! (At least Burpee was on the little signs that were jammed inside the soil with these plants)
I already had a couple peppers off of "my" sweet pepper plant and a few cherry tomatoes! Yuuummmmmm!!
I just thought I would post about these, I am sure a more seasoned gardener knows these exist, I just never did. I think I knew about the window sill gardens since I was a kid, I just never ever saw or bought patio vegetables before. So neat though for anybody in the city! You can put them on your balcony, a porch, we have ours on the pool deck, and I just pushed them against the deck so the veggies can climb right up!
Next I need help with strawberries and blueberries.. so if any of you have any tips, please share! We have some strawberries each year, and some weird bug destroys them all! The blueberries have just never grown, not ever come from the ground...
I am beginning to wonder if I just had a bad batch of blueberry plants?? The only tip I have received so far for blueberries is to keep the soil acidic, (No problem!) I drink so much coffee, we should have a yard full of blueberries in no time!!
Please leave any gardening tips for us below! They are very much appreciated!

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