Friday, June 29, 2012

Superior Air Purifier Source

I always hear about these things, and I get interested in them and start to look up any information I can find, along with a reasonable price, and warranty. I usually think they are expensive but would like to have one at some point since it would be much healthier. (allergies, dust, pets, etc) I know people who have them and absolutely love them!! I always think as soon as i have this much money together, blah blah then I will grab one. But of course something always happens and I never buy one.
I found this site, and was pretty impressed with the deals they have and the amount of information I received from this site!! There are also lots of very good reviews on here for several different models! Prices seem a little high for my taste, but there are some that are $299.95!! Like this Blueair203 model, and they are having a promotion with every purchase, you receive a free 2 year extended warranty!! On this specific model, the 2 year extended warranty is normally $69.99 but it is free with their current promotion!
They have an email newsletter you can sign up for, and you will get the latest news of deals and discounts delivered to your inbox if you decide to sign up. Shipping is also a super sweet deal, because they are offering free shipping on most orders over $199.99. So all in all, if you choose an air purifier that is included in the free shipping promotion, and you also get a free 2 year extended warranty, (that is actually on top of the manufacturer warranty!!), $299.95 doesn't seem to bad. (of course you can choose a different model, they have all kinds, brands, to literally fit every budget!)
The free extended warranty, is really one of the better warranties I have ever heard of. (Yes, it is free right now, but when you see what the warranty includes, it will probably amaze you!)
I have had air conditioners, and televisions in the past that come with a warranty, of sorts, and the warranty ends up being a big mess in itself, when there are no repair shops within 100 miles, and the 1 repair guy they have that was in my state, retired, and they want a deductible, it just goes on and on, and is worthless. But the free extended warranty you get with your purchase, is super!!

No deductibles
100% Comprehensive parts & labor coverage
Over 11,000 nationwide authorized service centers
Warranty begins after the manufacturer's warranty has ended
Easy support through a convenient toll-free number
If the purifier cannot be fixed, it will be replaced
Warranty is fully renewable and fully transferable
Easy warranty registration process
Hassle-free claims system
Worldwide coverage
I am seriously not used to seeing something as good as that;)
I would love to hear any comments you may have!! Do you have an air purifier?
What medical condition or issue do you have in your home/family, that helped in your decision to purchase one?


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