Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Start Your Own Fundraiser for FREE

This is a cool idea, and can end up being a way to contact far away relatives and friends when your child or children are doing those cute little walks for life, and raising money for school, (PTA), and rather then just not ask those relatives and friends, you can set up a free account here, and email the link! You can also post your link across your social networks, and ask people to sponsor you or your child when you are involved in raising money for charity, or even if you want to get a jumpstart on raising money for college!
I love the name too!!!
There are so many possibilities here and it is truly amazing how many ways this website can help! Not only for charities, or raising money for college, but just think, if your children or child, are saving money for a computer, a car even, and grandma lives across the country..... post a picture, and a cute note, and send grandma and grandpa the link! (You know how that is when grandparents see their smiling little faces) Match that up with a phone call, and VOILA!! I bet they add a little or offer to match their loveable little grandson or granddaughter and help reach their goal!
This could also help with families in need, maybe they would like to try and raise money for an electric bill, a car repair, groceries, anything. All they have to do, is start the free account, tie up a Paypal account, and grab their link.
I really love this idea, and it is fairly new, but certainly will be attracting attention pretty fast! Anything from furniture to vacations to computers to college educations! You can find it all here! So, if you have a few extra bucks to spare, or you are just one of those people who like to give, check out this website!!
The other thing I thought my family would benefit from with this tool, is to teach our children about saving, setting goals, and we are going to set up an account for them here.
Genevive would probably start an account for a mermaid or to turn into a fairy princess lol, but even at 5, we are trying to start her on the right track and to make goals, and aspire to succeed! This site is a very good start!

Deegan will post a fundraiser to get more Jif creamy peanut butter, LOL! That is his favorite!

and Aaron, well, on top of saving for a new hairdresser, LOL, just kidding;) Aaron loves Legos, Star Wars, video games, science, outer space, and so many, many, wonderful things, and he will probably want to start his fundraiser, or saving money lesson, for um, more video games?
Either way, this is what we will be using this site for! I have a whole summer plan for the kids and our "summer school" and thank goodness for this site, because now I can use this for our saving and goals lessons!! Hmmm I may just post my own fundraiser on here too....
For a vacation!!
Please leave any comments below and let me know what you think of this site!!

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