Thursday, May 24, 2012

Arts 'n Quilts: My quilts

Arts 'n Quilts: My quilts: Whole-cloth Railroad quilt Georgia in Bloom 3rd Prize winner - Retro sampler hand pieced & quilted Kimberly's Travel Journal quilt Totall...

These are all so beautiful!!
I wish I had talent like this, I love quilts, and honestly never thought much about how much time and effort and planning and thoughtfulness, goes into them until I started reading this blog!!
It's amazing to me, how somebody can just throw these together!! (not that they are just thrown together, lol, by any means!! ) I just know I would be sitting here for a few years trying to put something like this together!!


  1. thanks for looking at mum's quilts!!!! I have had 'professional quilters' come up & admire the stitching on her quilts for hours at one pt when I had an art store & was selling them. I sure would have trouble doing this LOL, the one time I tried quilting my hand hurt for hours :D

  2. Thanks you guys! I love quilting, and I guess it shows. I do it for fun, for relaxation, and at times for charity. My favorite pastime by far! Keep visiting. I'm trying to be better about keeping the blog up-to-date. Cheers!

  3. LOL! I could never do that!!
    It does definitely show how much you love it, that's why they are so stunningly gorgeous!
    I try and run 2 blogs too, it gets tough, especially when you also have a life;)
    I will be visiting more often!! I enjoy reading both blogs and posts!!
    Thank you very much for visiting my blog too!!