Monday, May 21, 2012

Tech Lab Seattle

This is a very cool company that offers lots of services. Anything from web hosting, to IT support, to unlocking cell phones!
They are in Seattle, so if you are closeby, I would definitely try them out!
They do have some super cool deals if you mention their Facebook or Twitter when you go in!! $20 off a $100 order!!
Site owners and bloggers can also find some sweet deals with web hosting here!!
I love to support small business, and will always do all I can for small business, family owned business, direct sellers, crafters, bloggers, and site owners!! Even if you aren't local to me personally, chances are, there is somebody out here reading this throughout our social networks, who is:)
Especially if you also offer services for the rest of us, local or not. (just in case anybody is wondering why on earth a mom blogger from PA is supporting Tech Lab Seattle:)
What have I learned from this site and business?
I am anxious to watch them grow and use them in the future. (Remote IT support, web hosting)
Another plus, they have super good prices compared to others I have seen and they offer members only deals and I will always promote deals for my readers!!
Another cool thing about the experts at Tech Lab Seattle, they have many Youtube tutorials, and advice, and pointers!! Check out their Facebook page, or Follow them on Twitter to learn some new stuff that will definitely help any blogger out there!!

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