Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Legend of the Zodiac Race

BelugaBloo, is a very cute company with over 60 years experience in the children's book industry, and now, they also make these very cute educational, interactive apps for kids!
These are absolutely adorable and your kids will love them and want to read more and more and more!
The newest interactive app, The Legend of the Zodiac Race, is an app that will teach your kids, and maybe even you:), all about the Chinese zodiac and how it came to be.
My kids always like to read and ask what the Chinese zodiac means when we go out for Chinese and get those cool placemats! They always want to know about all of the years, the animals, I mean, really, it is very interesting and I always love anything that grabs my kids attention and when they want to learn!
We learned a lot from this and it tells the story of how the animals were chosen, you can find out which year of the animal you were born under and check out the personality traits.
This is just a lot of fun, and the kids will love learning this fascinating story1 It's also real cool to see which year of the animal everybody in your family was born in, see if you match up with the personalities, and the characters are just simply adorable!
You will find lots of interesting things out, and you and your kids will want to spend lots of time with this interactive app!
You can also check out all of the other apps from BelugaBloo, believe me, you are going to want to buy them all;)
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