Saturday, May 26, 2012

Social Media Revolution

As a blogger, and a mom, and well, just as a 38 year old female, I rely on friends, family members, online friends, other bloggers, comments and posts on Twitter, Facebook, stacks on Delicious, Youtube, Google+, Pins on Pinterest, and communities online, for news and reviews and information on where my money is going to be spent for myself, my kids, my family, gifts, household goods, doctors, dentists, cell phones, computers, laundry detergent, etc etc etc.
I am a big mouth, lol, and I love to share my thoughts, feelings, ideas, reviews, and help people find a product or service or book that works for them.
I have always been that person who gets calls, (emails, or texts nowadays), or just shopping at the grocery store, people will ask, "Have you ever tried this?", "This is new, have you seen it before?", all kinds of questions like this. So, me, I love to help others, especially love to talk and hold conversations with anybody I meet, will chat away and share all I know about the specific brand, product, anything, along with referring them elsewhere if need be.
I have been a bartender for 20 years, I was a waitress for 4 years before I started bartending, and a few more years after. Mainly because, yes, I was a talker and made a decent amount in tips;)But, I actually enjoy going to work, because I enjoy talking to people, studying people, and learning about them.
Blogging is pretty similar to me in those aspects. I really have a fun time with it, and I especially love how there are endless possibilities here!! Most importantly, I want to help small business, stay at home moms, direct sellers, my favorite brands, stuff, services, my kids favorite stuff, my favorite websites, and all of that fun stuff!!
I have been studying social media and social networking and came across some very detailed, and interesting videos, that may come as a surprise to some, I know the numbers to me, were like, WOW?? REALLY?? But, after research and more research and digging more, yes, this is real, and if you aren't doing this now, for your small business, you should start!!

I do offer book reviews and product and service reviews on my other blog, sometimes here as well, although this one is more to help others find the best deals, coupons, recipes, share other blogs, businesses, how to earn money online, without falling for scams, etc etc...But, I also offer advertising help, promotions, articles, backlinks, sharing, pinning, and all the cool stuff that social media has for us. It is a POWERFUL way to get your business out there, if you make baby clothes, quilts, design websites, what better way to get the word out, then WORD OF MOUTH??

There are over 200,000,000 blogs out here, and 34% of us, review your products, services, and post our opinions and thoughts and share them across our social networks;)
LISTEN 1st...... SELL 2nd;p
25% of search results fort the world's top 20 largest brands are LINKS TO USER GENERATED CONTENT:)
Do you like what they are saying about your brand??? YOU BETTER:)

Hiring a blogger, whether it be somebody tiny like me, (and believe me, I work hard at this everyday, to obtain quality friends, readers, and strategically place your links, ads, reviews, across our network;), or a much bigger blogger, whether you pay a few bucks, or a few hundred, or just offer us stuff to review, giveaway, is very beneficial!!
You have a lifelong friend with bloggers and our readers, and your ads and links and pictures and videos, will be shared over and over and over and over and over and over, for ever;p
If you need or want help, some of the services we provide here and on our blog, and on Pinterest, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Delicious, Theblogfrog, and our RSS subscribers, are articles, backlinks, pictures, video, reviews, hosting giveaways, starting and running your social networks for you, shout outs, and lots more to come!!
Leave your advertising up to us and just connect with us on a weekly or more basis and let us know what links, text, anchors, pictures, videos, you need and we will take care of it!!
Ad space is also very cheap;) $5 per month..$50 per year when you pay up front!! Ads are placed on BOTH blogs, and include posts with links, once per month...
Contact me for prices, tell me what your project is, what you want done, where you want it, and I will reply with a quote for you!!
Now is a good time to start, because, as our network grows, and we reach more people, our prices will also have to increase slightly.
There will be a new site, specifically for this side of our business in the near future, so stay tuned!!

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