Monday, May 28, 2012

Grants for Single Mother Tips

I found this neat website, and was super excited to see a site, geared towards single moms, and advice for how they can apply for and receive grants!
It is very new and only has a few members, so it would definitely be a fun site to join! Especially if you have any expertise to share, maybe links, suggestions, tips, any past experiences, share stories of success, hopes, dreams, or if you are looking for help in finding good, reliable information!
i always love to see communities like this one, and since this one is just starting out, I hope some of you can add to their content, and share anything you may have to share!
The site owner has a cool set up, with a Bookmarks tab, a blog tab, groups, and posts!
This would also be a neat place to share your blogs, advice on blogging, anything that would help single moms with how to earn, or learn;)
Please leave comments here and let me know if you signed up, what did you share? I did read a couple good articles over there, written by members, and I hope to see this site gain new members soon!!

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