Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Save Time with TaskCat a Task Management App for Apple iPhone's

How cool is this?? I don't personally have an iPhone, but I wish I did! I would love to have an app like this for my cell!
Most importantly, you could save lots of time, and headaches and hassle;)
TaskCat is a FAST and SIMPLE task list productivity App for the iPhone and iPad designed with the busy bee in mind. Only 99 cents at the AppStore!
Taskcat is gesture-based task management application, designed specifically to give greater visibility. Rather than tapping between menus and submenus, a single swipe can navigate between lists, while keeping tasks fully visible.

Spend less time looking for the right list to add a reminder. Spend less time tapping to review what to do. Spend more time actually doing and crossing things off.
I really love this idea, and the cat is super cute! I wish there was something for emails and email folders, and my binder to do list!
They have a very cool tutorial on this page, you have to see how sweet this is!!
I am in the market for one of these phones, and I promise you that this would be the first app I pick up, why? Because if something is going to save me even 10 minutes of time per day, 1 less headache, AND cost 99 cents to do it? I'm hiring:) It sometimes takes me with my non iPhone, so long to get what I need in there, set, even to find in my menu, UGH!! I really feel like giving up on technology sometimes, but things like this give me hope.
If there is somebody out there, with busy moms, and busy people, in mind, and they are working on apps that can make my hectic, crazy life more simple, that makes me want to spend the money on an iPhone.
Besides all of that, one thing that I always blog about is small business. We all have to stick together and help each other! Small business is what makes this country great! It's the hard work and the skills, and the respect and the decent Americans who are what makes us work!
Every time you are going to do business with anybody, for any reason, you will always get the best customer service, attention, care, respect, and prices, then anywhere else.
If you aren't an iPhone user, but you know somebody who is, pass this post on to them! This is a genuine, awesome attempt, at making busy people's (aka BUSY MOMS:), lives, easier, and that deserves super respect!!
PS: Read this page about this amazing small business;)

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