Tuesday, January 3, 2012

30 cents off 2 Pilsbury Refrigerated Grands Biscuits and Donut Recipe for Kids!

This is another one of those products that can usually be found on sale for at least 2/$4.
This is also a fun product for my kids favorite donut recipe!!
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Recipe for Aaron, Bethany, Genevive, and Deegan's Easy Sugar Donuts
2 packs of Grands Biscuits
Wesson oil (This is my pick, your favorite will do)
Frying pan, adult, tongs
Granulated sugar
Powdered sugar
Cinnamon sugar
Sprinkles, and any other toppings you choose
Lots of paper towels!!
A container or a few containers with lids! (My choice is Rubbermaid and Ziploc containers)

Heat oil in frying pan
Cut the biscuits into 4's, and shape into balls.
drop in hot oil, (this is where the adult comes in!), for a few minutes, pull out and place on plates covered in paper towels to catch the extra oil!
Let cool
Gather a few bowls, and dump the sugars in each, 1 for cinnamon sugar, 1 for powdered, and 1 for granulated sugar.
Place lots of paper towels around the kids sugar area!
When the donut holes are cooled enough, divide these up for the kids to dip and roll into sugar bowls, and place in containers.
Aaron's favorite recipe for his sugar coated donuts, is to place each donut hole, in all 3 sugars, and if I was nuts enough to also add a bowl of sprinles, he would also add those as well.

This is a fun recipe, and a neat way to hang out with your kids for a while.
We love to cook and bake together, and I am always trying to find recipes that are kid friendly! If you have any to share, please feel free to comment with your recipe idea, or blog link!!

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