Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sign up for Free with UPS My Choice

This is a very cool service, and free which is a huge benefit. Especially if you are a crafter, a direct seller, an Ebayer, or just order like crazy online, just like I do lol.
But this service would allow you to track all packages, get alerts about your packages, electronically authorize drop offs, re route packages, and lots more!

I have a UPS delivery at least once per week, sometimes more then once a week, and I would ship UPS, however, I unfortunately do not live near a UPS drop off or store.
I am using this service, and I am truly satisfied with it, and especially being a very busy person and mom, I like getting alerts before my packages will arrive.
Click here to sign up for free!

**This is a sponsored content post.**
**All opinions are in fact, my own, and I will never be paid, persuaded, bribed, in any way, to change my opinions. If I am not happy with a service or product that I have used, or can not say enough about a service or brand or product, I will never recommend it!**

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