Thursday, January 12, 2012

My New Year's Resolutions

1)De clutter a section of the house, at least once every 2 days!!
2)Catch up on:
c)points sites
d)blog posts
e)new blogs
f)my mom group
g)connecting with contacts and leads
h)starting my Newbie Network site, geared towards helping newbies,
just like me, and form a support group!!
i)putting all my points and codes in all the points rewards sites
belong too!
j)catch up on reviews
k)figure out Google Analytics and where to put this in my blogs
l)start my email newsletter through Mail Chimp
m)make a list of everything else online I must catch up with!!
3)Start my Couponing 101 ebook and video series
4)Really get my Enchanted Potions and RADA business off to a good start!
5)Make up all of the missed appointments due to pain, RSD, etc, and reschedule them around MY schedule for once!
6)Get new glasses!
7)Establish a very structured schedule for the 3 little monsters in my life, because we are always behind, very busy, messy, and I am always going crazy!
8)Schedule more school work for the children, for weekends and after school. (I would like to see how well we would do for an at home type schooling for the very near future!)
9)Start a new extremely structured budget! Stick with it and do the envelope cash deal!
10)Clear out my emails as soon as I get them, and stop letting them pile up!
11)Try to help other RSD sufferers, (I have been dealing with this dilemma, which constantly holds me back from every day life and chores, and worst of all, my family)
12)Get re involved with the presidential campaigns and help get people to vote and know what they are voting for!
13)Stop letting RSD control me and my life!
14)Stop letting RSD control my husbands and childrens lives!
15)Research as much as I can about any and every new pain management test, treatment, doctor, clinic, hospital, and help make our Government more aware of this awful disease!
16)Stop piling so many things on my to do list and stick with my daily routine as best I can with my cleaning schedule, errands, and make cleaning 1 room and the bathrooms a daily chore, rather then try to clean the whole house! Make errand day 1 day a week! Laundry, at least every other day!
17)Try like crazy to make and sell as much opera fudge and regular fudge as possible, to have an extra source of income
18)Stop making so many long to do lists, project lists, and New Years Resolution lists;p
20)use my Amazon Chase rewards card as much as possible and always pay off! (But you earn 1,2, and 3 points per dollar, and you can use these for Amazon orders! )I actually pay a few hundred each week on this card, and use it for gas, groceries, to pay some bills, and for shopping when necessary. I can pay for Christmas, (I normally do), just with these points on Amazon!!
So, I have been off to a good start with these. I was very much impressed and I have tried to make myself realize that I can not expect to get everything done, every single day. Especially with my RSD in my feet, ankles, and legs, I should not expect to force myself to get it all done on bad days! After all, I have to save any "Low pain days" for my pt bartender job, and my children, (the latter being the most important!)
Most of all, I really have got to learn how to say NO! I am always trying to please everybody, help everybody, and run around for everybody, do everything for everybody, I have stopped that already, well, kind of!
But, I always preach how the small things are what is most important, and life is to short, and blah blah blah, but then here I am, driving 100 miles on a normal day, and helping every person I run into!
No, it is not a bad thing, but it has to be limited. You can not live your life just to help others, and make sure others have everything they could need and want, before yourself. (of course you can do this when it comes to your children, but even then, there must be a set limit!)
The New Year started off pretty well, and I just had a few minor pain issues. New pain, new symptoms, stolen meds, and I have been doing my best and this is just what I have to accept, and nothing more!
The computer is very high on my list, (no, the list above was in no certain order), but my online business, blogs, and sites, reviews, I have got to get together! I have many goals, and I don't plan on going anywhere for a very, very long time!
So, expect to see a lot more posts, and links and fans and friends, because this is my ft job and I have every intention to make this a huge success!
That's all I have to say about these for now, but there will be plenty more on this all to come, each week. It will be a weekly post about how my family, and myself, are doing with our structured spending, schedules, errands, cleanup toy time, schoolwork, and so on.
Please feel free to leave any links to your organizational blogs, business, sites, or any suggestions or comments! They are all always welcome here!

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