Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sign up for FREE with Manilla

No More Late Fees!! (that's my favorite part about Manilla!!)

This is a cool, very worthwhile site to sign up with! Best of all, it is FREE!!
I have paper, tablets, notebooks, bills, bill drawers, statements, just way to much clutter for me! I have been quite a happy Manilla user now, and I love that I can organize all on 1 account! I can log in, with 1 password, and I do not have to spend an entire afternoon, or morning, trying to remember passwords, and play the "send me my password hint" games, with every account I have!
This service is very much worth it, even if you are just testing it out!
It's not just for bills either. You can manage your loyalty accounts, subscriptions, and I especially am crazy over the fact that I can keep up with my accounts, free trials, etc, that way I do not get stuck paying the monthly fees, or yearly fees! I can cancel right away, even if I can not locate the email or paper I wrote it on. Because it is all right here, in my Manilla account!
Click here to sign up for free, with Manilla!

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