Thursday, January 26, 2012

Nina and MrChewy

Nina and the kids are still going crazy over the assortment of treats that Nina received from!
Of course Nina loves them all, and she especially loves her Newmans own Organics Peanut Butter Formula Dog Treats the best.
If you have a pet dog or cat, you have got to check out!
I am usually much to busy to add more errands on my to do lists, and shopping lists, and I love the free shipping MrChewy offers on orders of $49 or more! That saves me money in gas, and a lot of time! Especially since I live nowhere near a pet shop that carries quality, organic, food and treats for Nina.
I am absolutely delighted to have been offered a generous shopping spree for Nina in return for a review, and I will be a repeat customer!
MrChewy offers an incredible assortment of foods and treats and even Frontline Flea and Tick. They also have prescription pet food, and fairly often have discount or coupon codes available.
I have looked at other websites in the past for dog food and treat type deals and I never bothered with ordering online because I could always find it in a store much cheaper then online. But MrChewy does have very low prices, and has already beat my stores prices!

Here is Deegan, running to get more treats for Nina, lol, he especially has been excited because Nina is his best friend and always helps him up when he falls, and makes sure he is safe. he loves feeding Nina anything and everything, so I am content with him having a treat bag close by, rather then the Chips Ahoy and his dinner he loves to share!
Deegan's favorite special treat bag for Nina are the Bil Jac Peanut Butter Nanas Dog Treats, and Bil Jac Yapple nanas, and Nina loves them too. (yes, they may be small, but you would be surprised at how many Deegan can put in his tiny hands!)

Aaron and Genevive are doing a goofy pose with Nina, after feeding her probably a little to many of her treats, lol, but it seems Nina didn't much want to participate for the picture.
MrChewy also offers a very cool Refer Your Friends Program, , all you have to do is share your special link, and your friend gets $10 off their first order, and MrChewy will donate $10 to your choice of partner charity!

You have to try MrChewy out! Your pet will love him, and you will to when you realize how much time and money you will be saving!

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