Thursday, January 12, 2012

I Love Vistaprint!

I do really love Vistaprint, and I have ordered many,many, many times from them. I have to do another order very soon, and I always take advantage of their freebies!
I have never had a bad order, I have never had a problem or negative feedback with/for them.
I have purchased pens, business cards, mommy cards, note pads, sticky notes, and calendars!
Right now they are offering the following, for free! (You do have to pay shipping, and sometimes it can get aggravating at the end when they show you the offers they have to go along with your order! Always remember, you do not have to order the add ons! Be careful if you do, because your order can go up significantly!)
But, I don't have a problem with them showing me offers, I have taken advantage of a few before, just as I love using the 25% off coupons I get with each order! After all, they are doing business, and doing what they can to keep and get business, and why would I have a problem with that? Best of all, they are not pushy! There are not any pop ups that keep coming up, after a simple yes or no, and the check out process is simple and quick! The following are a list of what Vistaprint is offering right now!
If you are a blogger, this is an excellent opportunity for you to promote your skills!
6 FREE products to start the New Year! Get organized in the New Year with 6 FREE products from Vistaprint! Choose from 250 Free Business cards, a free photo wall calendar, a free photo desk calendar, 10 free folded note cards and more! Don’t let your resolutions get away from you this year, The products are free- just pay for shipping and processing! Starting Shipping Costs · Free Business Cards: $5.67 · Wall Calendar: $5.67 · Desk Calendar: $3.49 · Sticky Notes: $4.57 · Note Cards: $4.68 · Stamp: $6.31
Click here to start your order with Vistaprint!

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