Tuesday, June 14, 2011

coupon deals for today's shopping trip

i love coupons, and i am proud of how many awesome deals and freebies i manage to find on a weekly basis.
today will prove to be a super deal day, with so many free items and many items that will cost a quarter!
i do tend to grab as many coupons as i can, but only the ones for products that my family will use.
i normally buy 1 or 2 Sunday papers, and i am fortunate to know a few people who don't use their coupons, and a friend who has a nice connection at a local gas station for any extras;p (after a few of the local ladies nicely steal whatever they can get their hands on)
i will also purchase, for a very small price, lots of coupons, from certain sellers on ebay. i do not mind paying a few bucks for 60 $3 off any 2 arm and hammer dryer sheet coupons, when i will end up getting cash back for 120 boxes. $60 as a matter of fact! of course i must deduct the $3 i paid for these coupons, and yes, i will keep several boxes. but about half, maybe more, will be given away, and donated.
arm and hammer has the best dryer sheets and laundry detergent, in my book. i use the detergent everyday, and am a long time fan. yes, i have tried lots of others, but not 1 has come close to the scent, the power, or the price, of arm and hammer!
the dryer sheets are also used for dusting in my house, and they leave a very appealing scent throughout the house. i also really love their bathroom cleaners, but that's a whole other blog;p
i have not used these coupons all at once, but i have acquired quite a few more, (the seller sent her leftovers!), plus i had already had some from my own stash. i will not ever take the entire supply off the shelf, but i will ask an associate if there are any more in the stockroom, and i will earn this $60+ , in a few trips. (i'm already going there for groceries over the few weeks, so there isn't a need for extra trips.
that's just an example of what i will be "getting paid to buy" today. i have around 20 of these left, and they will be used up during my trip today.
there is also a good deal on ronzoni garden delight pasta, (also another family favorite), they are $1 a box, and i still have leftover coupons for $1 off a box, so i will be getting these for free.
then the nestle quik chocolate shakes are 4/$5, and i have a bunch of the 50  cent off coupons from last weeks newspaper, so after those are all doubled, i'll pay a quarter each;p
there are a decent amount of matchups this week, and i have some cvs extra bucks from last week, so that should be an all free shopping trip today!
i'll post any other exciting deals i may be forgetting, and any i may have missed, later today!

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