Thursday, June 23, 2011

trying to figure this out

i am still trying to learn how to do he designing and hyperlinks, and anchors, both here and on the website i have been working on. i believe i will be taking a break from that for a day or two;p
it seems that you can actually turn a blog into some sort of a site, and now i wonder if i need the website at all?
between setting up facebook pages and blogs and trying to figure out the email newsletters, which are crucial to what i'm trying to do here, my eyes feel like they are burning right out of my head! lol
plus, me and the kids have to finish our gardening and try to get our yard sale together. (even though it is going to rain for the next few days ugh!!)
which brings me to gardening, does anybody have any suggestions, as to how to keep families of bunnies away from strawberries, well, and everything else? please leave me some advice and tips on this topic, we have several bunnies living in our yard, and they have been destroying everything we planted!

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