Wednesday, June 22, 2011

funny things our kids say and do

my children are my life, and they make me laugh till i cry sometimes. even when they're misbehaving.
from time to time, i plan on sharing some of what my children say and do that makes me laugh so bad it actually starts to hurt, and i would love to hear your stories as well!
genevive, and aaron, (4 and 7), like to tattle on each other, argue, make messes, just like other kids, i think?
they were playing in one evening, and normally everything is very loud,and of course you hear the bickering and the ear piercing, "MOM!!!!"
i was making dinner, and trying to get a few other things done, when all of a sudden, everything was eerily quiet. for about one second, i thought, what a relief! immediately, i started to wonder, "what is going on over there?" so, went over to where the 3 little ones were, and asked what was happening?
they were kind of shocked and just stood there with their little mouths hanging open, not saying a word. i went on to inspect the room, and i could not find anything wrong. aaron said, "what seems to be the problem? we were quiet?"
i tried to explain that mommys know when something isnt right, because of the eyes on the backs of our heads , and that when it gets real quiet, we know something is going on.
so they just kind of stared at me in amazement, and i walked away.
not even a minute later, i hear a bunch of, "woo hoos!" and "yippees" and "yays".
i thought to myself, thats a little strange, they dont often yell those types of things.
well, this went on for a few minutes more, and i decided that it was once again, time to check to see what really was happening over there.
when i got to the doorway, there was a mess of course, but i could not keep from laughing, they were standing there, facing the doorway, swinging their arms in the air, yelling, "woohoo!", "yay!"lol.
i asked them why in the world they were standing there like this, and they told me they were going to probably be in trouble for the mess, and they figured that i would not come back for a little while since they were making so much noise. lol

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