Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Velveeta Cheesy Skillets House Party

one of my favorite websites is;
i have been a member for a few years now, and i am quite pleased with how they do their business. we have been picked quite a few times for different types of products, and the party packs are wonderful!
i would recommend this website to anybody who likes to have parties, try new things, talk to others about new products, and offer their reviews after the party.
this past weekend, we were chosen for a Velveeta Cheesy Skillet House Party.
i absolutely love Kraft products, and we do use Velveeta Cheese fairly often.
we received our party pack and the box was packed full with goodies! they packed, tote bags, memo pad magnets, dry erase markers, coupons, a $5 Wal Mart gift card, and 4 boxes, 1 of each flavor of these new Velveeta Cheesey Skillet dinners.
the kids were excited about trying something new, and i was anxious myself. (even if it did remind me of Hamburger Helper that i had already eaten in the past, and was not particularly fond of.
there are 2 flavors for chicken; cheese chicken and broccoli and bbq chicken. there are 2 flavors for ground beef; nacho supreme, and cheeseburger macaroni.
they are all very simple to prepare, very easy to make, and don;t seem to cost much at all, so they are particularly great if you are on a budget;p ( i guess we all are;p)
all in all, it is just an OK product. it tastes just like Hamburger and Chicken Helpers, and i am not much of a boxed, prepared meal fan. i must admit, the cheese flavor was far superior over other prepackaged boxed dinners i have tried. but there didnt seem to be anything different, tantalizing, scrumptious, amazing, or even real great, about this product.
besides, is it really any cheaper for anybody to buy prepackaged dinners? they all seem to be smaller nowadays, and cost a bit more. of course i would never buy them without a coupon, but am i going to ever buy them at all?
probably not. the taste was just, again, mediocre, if i were to make this for a dinner for my family, i would feel as though i must force feed mounds of fruit afterward, and pump out arteries.
maybe i am just to picky, or maybe i just like to cook my own meals from scratch, and mostly from scratch;p
i would only recommend this product if there are 2 people, maybe 3, and of course, the single person.
it is super easy and quick to make, which would usually help out when out when you are in a hurry. although i can't say i would feed them to my kids before a baseball game or a soccer game.
i will always continue to use Kraft and Velveeta Cheese, i have been using their products for several years. they are both life savers in many many ways;p

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