Tuesday, June 21, 2011

my intro

i believe i should introduce my family. since that is mainly what my blog is about.
i am trying to figure out the best way to write about my daily events and who it involves. i think if i write it as a play, it would be easier to follow.
first, there is me. i am a 37 year old, partially disabled, coffee drinking, sort of obnoxious, told i'm eccentric, passionate, super proud mommy of 4 real awesome children.
i consider myself a SAHM, however, on my days off, i do work part time as a bartender.
i enjoy my job very much. i have always been a workaholic, working 2 or more jobs at a time. until we were blessed with our 3rd child, and i had finally given in to get long needed, reconstructive foot and ankle surgery.
of course, with my goofy luck, the surgery was a complete failure. so now, i have been diagnosed with RSD, (or CRPS), among other things. which by the way, i hope to also include in my blogs.
i was going to get my other foot and ankle done, after i healed from the first surgery, but of course that may never happen. neither will i ever find a surgeon who can fix some of what went wring with the first surgery. maybe through my hopeful new network, i will find some contacts, who knows. but so far, i have yet to find a confident surgeon who even wants to attempt this.
i also seem to have a hard time finding real information on the internet, about these diseases. so, i hope to meet some other RSD patients, and their families, loved ones as well.
pain is a constant battle with me, and there are several times throughout the day, that i have a hard time dealing with the pain.i usually only sleep for a couple hours a night, however, here are some nights that it is easier to sleep. i am usually up and about, pacing, drinking my trusty maxwell house with coffeemate powdered creamer. yum!, or eating ice.
it isnt as bad as it sounds, as on a normal night, the kids would be asleep and i do use that time to figure out bills, cut coupons, work on the computer, paperwork, and finish my to do lists.
i will stop with the chronic pain issue for a bit, as that will be another focus of my blog.
back to my introductions;p
my husband is also 37, and we have been together since we were 16. he is my very best friend and i can not imagine life without him.
of course we have arguments, and bad days. we have always gotten through them, fairly well. of course this will be another part of my blog and website that i am working on. i plan on having a section where we can all share tips and advice on "date nights", how we get through crazy days with kids, and i hope to help people with some, as well as learn from others too!
my husband is an owner operator (truck driver), for almost 14 years now. before this, he was a photographer. unfortunately, we dont live in the type of area where his talents can flourish;p which is terribly infortunate, cause he has a lot of exceptional talent!
he also absolutely loves vw's. he is very talented with those as well. he is in the process of building, yet another show car, and i'm secretlu hoping this one stays longer then the last;p
so, if anybody has any questions, or needs some help with vw's. feel free to ask! because he does real well working on them too.
on top of that, he is a real awesome dad! he is a very hard worker and he will actually change diapers, get up with a baby on the weekends, and help out every ow and then with housework. we are all very lucky to have him.
although, i do believe he has been going through midlife crisis since we met. i realize this is a common issue with males. he is always torn between, jet skis, dirt bikes, vw's, motorcycles, 4 wheelers, and these are just recent. lol.i usually don't know what to expect each day! another big player in my sanity levels!
he has always had a bad back, (ruptured disc) and was recently diagnosed with celiac disease.
we are in the process of learning about this disease as well, so, i would be grateful for any input!
from time to time, i will definately have much to say about in laws! i am sure we all do.
my father in law is a very grumpy, mean little man, who is always complaining, and angry about something, and everything.
my mother in law, she is sort of a hypochondriac. well, not sort of, lol, she is a major one. she has a very strange way of having teeny little issues, turn into gigantic, enormous, life threatning catastrophes!
i have 2 sisters, and 2 brothers, and my mom. we are a very closeknit family, for the most part. we talk on a regular, and sometimes daily basis, and spend a lot of time together. plus, there are several small children between all of us. which leads to a lot of birthday parties, and picnics;p
now to my children;p
bethany is 18, she is a very smart, funny, sweet, messy, loud, and smart alecky young lady. she graduated with honors, and plans to be a chef. she loves music, playing guitar, and coloring her hair.
aaron is 7, and has a huge imagination. he loves legos, the xmen, spiderman, all the normal boy stuff. he also loves to play baseball, and ride his 4 wheeler. he is a very talkative, sweet little boy, who follows his mommy all day, and goes crazy when i leave the room and he can't find me. he is going into 2nd grade, and has accomplished getting straight a's so far through his school career. he also gets his feelings hurt, really really easy.
genevive, is 4. she is an adorable, sweet, little angel, who is very loving and loves to be held, hugged, and is a big daddy's girl. she is also very smart, and very loud, loves to get into trouble, and hide from us, and fight with her brothers and sister, and she would like to be a zombie or a vampire when she grows up.
deegan is our 1 year old. he is a nutty little man, with no fear. he loves to giggle, is afraid of baths, loves cars and trucks and blocks, and he loves to climb, everything he can get his little arms and legs on!
he was born with cleft lip and club foot, and that is a whole other blog post series as well. but he has had a couple surgeries, and in time, will have a complete and full recovery;p
so, i believe i should write my blogs as a play. at least when i am writing about my family, or my day, and all of the exciting adventures we go through;p
i can't wait to meet your families as well!

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